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SOUTH POLE 1911-2011
SOUTH POLE 1911-2011
From 25 October 2011 to 15 January 2012
The greatest adventure of my life (so far): Crossing Antarctica from the sea to the South Pole. Only two people absolutely unsupported (I will go with Carles Gel: Climber, writer and polar expeditionary), with an estimated duration of 45 days (but with provisions for 65), only with of our own capacities (with skis and sleds for the load, without sails or kites), and in the most extreme conditions available in our planet (the windiest, driest, and coldest continent in the world)

All this to coincide with the centenary of the arrival of the first man to the South Pole (The Norwegian Roald Admunsen on 12/14/1911) and will be our way of commemorating one of the big challenges achieved by men in the exploration history.

One of those challenges which cannot be experienced only with money, and so special that can only be appreciated if you focus a spirit of challenge, discovery and absolute connection with the environment and the vastness it represents and conveys.
There are always new challenges to face. There are always new places to meet. There are always new people and friends with whom to share intense experiences. There are always new interesting things to learn. There are always new reasons for Adventure.