From 03 April to 09 April 2011

The MARATHON DES SABLES is one of the most demanding races of the world, one of the big sports indispensable challenges for real adventurers and lovers of the races of Ultra-Endurance. This proof puts to the limit the resistance of the participants who have to traverse a whole of 250km in 7 days, among 30 and 80 daily km for the Moroccan Sahara, supporting temperatures of up to 50ºC and being totally autonomous. Without external help, without any way of transport and with everything necessary they raise, the adventurers will have to overcome one of the big challenges of the current world.

After 25 editions, the MARATHON DES SABLES (MDS) is today an emblematic sports event of overcoming for sportsmen of the whole world who dream of being able to take part in an authentic sports challenge, where they give priority to the personal values, the companionship and the adventure.

This is a race by foot, for stages, with food self-sufficiency and with freedom of pace on a distance of 250km approximately, though with the obligation of every participant to load with his equipment, which includes food and obligatory material. It is a sports test, but overcoat a personal challenge, a fight against the heat, the distance, the sand of the desert and the mind.

The MDS takes place throughout 7 days in the south of the Moroccan Sahara, and in it, they must overcome six stages. Approx.: 1st.  30 km; 2nd. 40 km; 3rd. 40 km; 4th. 80 km; 5th. 42 km and 6th. 20 km. The area is desert changed, with stones, zones of former dry lakes and, overcoat, dunes of sand.

To live and to coexist in the desert, to find the own formula of conciliation with the elements of the environment, to face the most deep-rooted fears, she to be felt to the hurry, to give wings to the dreams, ... all that in an inhospitable environment and simultaneously magically where, in the practical sense, the unique thing that matters is to demonstrate the will and tenacity to every step, to be able to manage to finish the stage with enthusiasm. This compendium of feelings would define the MARATHON DES SABLES, to the pioneering race that one comes celebrating uninterrupted from 1985 and that has used as inspiration to the rest of desert proofs, and that this year celebrates his 26th. edition.

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