SOUTH POLE 1911-2011
From 25 October 2011 to 15 January 2012
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A big project like this, apart from the adventurers who lead the expedition, requires a large team to manage the enormous amount of work and the high complexity of the issues it entails.

After a year of hard work to structure the challenge, we have built a very integrated team, which will handle all the management before, during and after the expedition:

  • RAFAEL GALÁN: Responsible for the logistics and accounting.

  • OLIVER VALLES: Project Manager.
  • STRATEGYCOMM (Joan López, Sandra Garcia, Mari Luz Pacheco and Sílvia Barnet): As the press agency responsible for the communication.
  • JOAN RIEDWEG: Production of the expedition documentary.
  • TRISTAN GRENTZIUS: Responsible for the design and graphic arts application.
  • STAFFMEDIA (Josep Añols & Oscar Gràcia): Responsible for the WEBSITE, and Tracking System (RaceTracker).
  • MONTSE BERTRAN and MARIA SALA: Responsibles for the Blog and Facebook during the expedition.
  • ALE (Mike Sharp and Steve Jones): Managing the flights from Antarctic Base of "Union Glacier" to the coast, and the picking up in the South Pole. And they will follow us for our safety during all the expedition, coordinating all the evacuation tasks in case of emergency.

Obviously there are plenty of people who have helped us greatly in specific tasks during the long process of preparation of this adventure. We want to recognize their help to all of them for their essential task and say thank you in public for their altruistic effort, full of enthusiasm and positive energy: Mónica Palencia, Raquel de Haro, Raquel Redondo, Elisabet Herrero, Angel Calleja, Eduard Cortés (Verasat), Ignasi Freixa and Marilyn Urtubia.

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