DAKAR 2011
From 01 January to 16 January 2011


The former World Rally champion, Colin Mc.Rae during his participation in the Dakar, was the founder and driving force of this team and the type of car that Albert Bosch will use in this edition. His purpose was to recover the spirit of adventure of this race, with a car that would allow a spectacular and committed driving that do not involve high economic costs. When he died in a helicopter crash in 2007, the project was continued by his brother and also pilot, Alister Mc.Rae.

In 2009 the first Buggy Mc.Rae was tested in the Dakar, in order to try on the real field a prototype developed at the time by Collin. During 2009, 5 vehicles were prepared to participate in the Dakar 2010, but the team went bankrupt due to financial problems, and the project was nearly stopped.  At that moment, Chris Leyds, one of the pilots who was supposed to drive on of the cars, bet for this experiment at all, and bought the team, with full cooperation agreement with Alister Mc.Rae.

This big change allowed to go ahead with the project, and the 5 Buggies took part in the Dakar 2010 with great enthusiasm and excitement, but accusing some precipitation problems in many aspects.

Throughout the year 2010 they have been improving the vehicles and solutions to adapt to the harsh desert conditions of South America, and in the next edition will be 6 Buggies ot the Mc.Rae Team at the start of the Dakar rally in Buenos Aires. One of them driven by Albert Bosch.


  • TYPE OF CAR: Buggy Single Seat
  • TRACTION: Rear Wheel drive
  • ENGYNE: 1.049c.c. (Yamaha) - 4 Strokes - 140 Cv de potencia
  • SIZE: 3 meters long - 1,82 meters wide
  • WHEIGH: 700 Kg.
  • FUEL: Gasoline - Capacity 140 Litres.


PILOTS belonging to the team apart of Albert Bosch:

  • Norberto Fontana (Race Number 344): Argentina. Ex-pilot de Formula 1 and Formula 3. Champion TC-2000 in 2010. First time at the Dakar.
  • Tim Coronel (Race Number 347): Netherlands. Rallly and Karting Pilot. 2 times at the Dakar. First pilot finishing the Dakar in a Buggy Solo (2010)
  • Emiliano Spataro (Race Number 365): Argentina. Champion Formula 3 Argentina. Actually TC-2000 Pilot. First time at the Dakar.
  • Juan Silva (Race Number 367): Argentina. Ex pilot Formula 3 Argentina. Champion Formula Renault Argentina. Champion Tourism TC-2000. First time at the Dakar.
  • Dees Beffie (Race Number 376): Netherlands. Pilot with one participation at the Dakar, year 2010, with a Mc.Rae Buggy. Abandonment 3rd. Stage


  • A T4 truck - Quick assistance in the race.
  • A T5 truck T5 - Assistance in the camps.
  • Team Manager: Chris Leyds
  • 6 Mechanics
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