DAKAR 2011
From 01 January to 16 January 2011

Albert Bosch is a pilot specialist in Dakar. He has extensive experience in all types of races where endurance and long range strategy is a decisive factor. He has run the Dakar 7 times as much as car and motorcycle driver as co-pilot. One of the few drivers who have successfully completed the test in all modes in which he has participated (Moto - Co-Pilot - Pilot cars). Its reliability in driving and his knowledge of the terrain make it a guarantee for a project like this one.



DAKAR 2007: Pilot Team "Saunier Duval". Ranked 3rd. T1-Diesel Category

DAKAR 2006: Pilot Team "Saunier Duval". Ranked 46th. Overall nd 3rd. At NISMO CHALLENGE (NISSAN Cup in the Dakar).

BAJA ARAGON 2005: Pilot Team "Instalgroup-Beretta". Raked 38th. Overall and 5th. In T2 Category

DAKAR 2005: Pilot Team "InstalGroup-Saunier Duval". Abandonment Stage 8th. For engine failure.

DAKAR 2001: Copilot Paul Belmondo it Team "Toyota Trophy". Ranked 29 overall, winner T2-Diesel Category and the "Toyota Trophy Cup"

DAKAR 2000: Copilot Pep Busquets in the Team "Don Piso". Ranked 44th. Overall and winner "Toyota Trophy Cup"

DAKAR 1999: Motorcycle pilot Team "Objetivo Dakar". Ranked 46th. Overall.

DAKAR 1998: Motorcycle pilot Team "Objetivo Dakar". Abandonment for accident.


  • 2000: Copilot Pep Busquets. Abandonment for Thecnical problems.
  • 1990: Motorcycle Pilot. Abandonment for Thecnical problems.

ATLAS RALLY (Morocco) 1996: Motorcycle Pilot. Ranked 35th. Overall and 5th. Marathon Category.


  • 1992: Ranked 3rd. (Superbikes +750c.c.)
  • 1989: Ranked 2nd. Spanish Championship, and Catalonia Champion inSuperbikes Category.



MOUNTAINEERING- 7 SUMITS: May 17th. 2010 Summited Everest, finishing his project to climb the highest peaks in every continent. He summited the most importants mountains in the pyrenees and Alps, but in this specific project of the "7 Summints", he has summited next peaks:

  • Everest 8.850m. (Nepal - Asia) - May 17th. 2010
  • Mt.Vinson 4.892m. (Antarctica) - December 3rd. 2009
  • Mc.Kinley 6.194m. (Alaska - North America) - June 7th. 2009
  • Carstensz Pyramid 4.884m. (Papua - Oceanoia) - November 16th. 2008
  • Aconcagua 6.692m. (Argentina - South America) - Januaryt 16th. 2008
  • Elbrus 5.642m. (Russia - Euroe) - May 12th. 2007
  • Kilimanjaro 5.895m. (Tanzania - Africa) - September 23rd. 2006


ADVENTURE RUNNING: Takes part in running adventure races which are consolidating him as a specialist in ultra marathons in extreme environments. Apart from the many racing ultra marathons resistance he has been involved, the main highlights are:

  • Extrem Marathon Zagora - Sahara Desert (Morocco). 42,2Km.
  • Marathon des Sables 2009 - Sahara Desert (Morocco). 250 Km. In 6 stages and self autonomy.
  • Jungle Marathon 2010 - Amazon Jungle (Brasil). 240Km. en 7 stages and self autonomy.


OTHER ULTRA ENDURANCE RACES: Participates regularly in all kinds of competitions and challenges of long distance and adventure component. Among others:

  • Titan Desert 2007 -Mountain Bike race in the Sahara Desert.
  • Adventure Raids: 10 participations in top level events.
  • Duathlons-Triathlones-Mountain races: More then 100 races between 1.995 and 2010.


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