DAKAR 2011
From 01 January to 16 January 2011
South America Map

After 7 editions racing on the African continent, this will be the first time that Albert Bosch runs in South America.

On a personal level it is motivating and is a major attraction to meet and ride on these new lands. Discover the Atacama dessert, cross the Andes, facing extreme heat in summer in Argentina and Chile, will challenge and breathtaking emotion.

On the other hand, the pilot considers that the most important of this fact is not the personal pleasure that can contribute to their own enjoying, but the fact that we should all think is that we have to run in South America by obligation. And that is a shame and a bad news that very close to our country, in some regions that have great needs, we can not do sports or other things, because of insecurity, lack of freedom, extreme poverty and a geopolitical situation quite unstructured.

The Dakar has been criticized for a lot of people when it was in Africa. But making any major event like this was on a sign of freedom and security, and also was an industry that contribute to the development of tourism and the economy of one of the poorest areas of the world, arid, uninhabited and missed of any resources. The Dakar made numerous contributions such NGOs in the territories where they went, both sanitary facilities such as other humanitarian operations. But far more important than this, introduced a productive economic activity, which provided knowledge to the inhabitants of these areas, developed many business related (Hospitality, Tourism Assets and 4x4, train, etc ...), and was committed to consume most of products originating in countries where they cross.

Although some theorists 'right thinking' in developed countries, it seemed that they liked most countries continue to be seen from a romantic point of view and always impoverished, it would be a sign of normalized and important economic contribution, if it would be possible to do the Dakar in Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Algeria, Guinea, etc., or also doing all kinds of motor events and other sports.

Now we run in South America, but we can not avoid thinking that is a shame for all the countries of North Africa, that we can not participate there in this or ay other events.

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