DAKAR 2011
From 01 January to 16 January 2011
Planet Earth

The evolution in values of Albert Bosch prevented him from being able to return to this event without bring out the great contradiction (of himself and of the event), and the awareness that it is an event with significant impact both for the communities where elapses, and for the environment of the area. Therefore he dedicate this participation to make a series of actions that should be useful as a test and an example for the movement "RACING 4 CHANGE", to be presented on March in Barcelona, which aims to promote responsible attitudes, engaged and active from sport world.

Recognizing that the organization of Dakar has always done a great job at the social level in communities where the race has been, especially in Africa, and that both aid and promotion of an industry around the races and active tourism for these regions, it is clear that this test has in his environmental impact one of its main weaknesses. In this line, and to serve as an input and discussion to further enhance the race in the future, while serving as an example of where they should focus on major sporting events, specific actions that were part of the Dakar 2011 by Albert Bosch, focus on 4 areas:

- TECNOLOGY: Participate with a Buggy car supposed to be part ofthe group lighter 4 wheels and less powerful vehicles of the whole race. And that without any loss of emotion, and maximizing the adventure in this race.

- OPTIMIZATION: Manage their own resources and materials, in order to get to the maximum with minimum consumption. It will work on different aspects of materials used, and will report at the end of the Rally. One example is that we have made a commitment to finish the Dakar with the aim of using between 30 and 40% less tire from the other riders of our team.

- RECUPERATION: Although the organization is already implementing measures to prevent residues in the camp and during the test, our team is committed 100% to this fact. We want that our presence does not imply any waste left in the camp or during the trip. This will be worked with all the Team, and the specific charge of logistics.

- COMPENSATION: We will measure CO2 emissions and offsets by planting trees. Since Albert Bosch leaves the Barcelona airport in Barcelona until his return, we will measure in detail all the CO2 that will be issued as a result of his participation in this race. The share issues will be compensated through various measures to be proposed later to race, among which the possibility of planting trees in the Sahel region of Mali, because that is an area twice the victim of the current situation: On one side undergoes accelerated desertification while has no benefit of developed and industrialized world, and the other suffers a very complicated geopolitical situation that can not use its territory to host major events like the Dakar and other smaller and equally useful.

The aim is to act as an example and inspiration to bring these four areas of work progressively to many other teams and, im possible, also the organization of the Dakar in the near future.

For all these reasons, Albert Bosch's participation in the Dakar 2011 is not a simple sport competition, but will enter into a transverse adventure involving not only an aspect of extreme sports challenge, but also an aspect of challenge in implementing values on a personal level, and with the intention of arriving to reach many other athletes and organizations.

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