DAKAR 2011
From 01 January to 16 January 2011
11 January 2011
Abandonment Dakar 2011
Since the abandonment in the Dakar 2005, I had not failed in any of the challenges that I have faced. In these five years, I have completed two Dakars (2006 and 2007) with good final results; I have completed the '7 Summits' project, with Everest at the end, and summiting all the mountains at the first attempt; I have made the Titan Desert, the Marathon des Sables and the Jungle Marathon with pretty decent results, and I've done a lot of small projects or competitions also quite demanding and without any bad end.

Obviously it all satisfies me and brought me a lot of confidence and positive energy; but many good results can make also forget that the defeat is also part of the whole adventure possible scenario.

I have long theorized about it, I have written, I explain that in lectures, and now I have to apply. But when you're in a moment of failure, it's also hard to manage! I've been a couple of days in a low mental shape after the abandonment, but I'm getting out of the hole, and hopefully with lots of energy.

Without wanting to be excessively positive now, I have to admit that I see a very good side to this end, and now I want to focus on getting the most out of the drop in the Dakar 2011.

To do this, I will not waste a second to complain and discuss possible "excuses" to justify me, but will invest my energies to analyze all my mistakes for not managing well the critical moment in which I had very complicated circumstances. What separates success from failure, or people who does ambitious things from the rest, is basically to manage well the 'Key' moments. I've seen in all my business and sport adventures, and in general I felt proud of how I managed this moments. But here I failed. And it's not so serious to fail, but it would be a problem not to learn of the fault, and just find external reasons from oneself (The car, GPS, Satellite, etc ...), to have a compliant version but also not rich at all.

I always think that my adventures, aside of giving me fun with sport and allowing me to meet people and exciting new lands, represent an investment to get a result as an important personal enrichment and learning, which I also can share with many other people. Thus, while at in the sport side I have failed, I hope to collect many results of this adventure..

Surely, both in the professional and adventure life, I will meet again many critical moments in which the circumstances will be complicated. And I will have only my attitude to manage that key moment. Then I look forward to have a good accumulation of many positive and negative past experiences to help me act wisely to overcome the situation. And in these experiences, the contribution of a good analysis of defeats like that just fit, must be fundamental.

With all of this, from this bad end of the Dakar 2011, I will not keep the bad taste, or the regrets, or the possible justifications for the negative circumstances surrounding me; I'll take the valuable lessons that the defeat can teach to me.
Almudena Jordán
14 January 2011
13:16 H
"Mientras hay aprendizaje no hay fracaso, la victoria no está en la meta".
Enric Bernal
13 January 2011
20:40 H
Em sumo al Joan, dient que la carrera del Racing 4 Change encara esta viva i de moment vas primer.
M'ha agradat veure com un campió apren dels entrebancs.
Anim i ens veiem aviat,
vicente dalda
13 January 2011
20:21 H
No se puede saber lo que es el frio, sin sentir el calor...no se puede disfrutar de la victoria sin haber sentido la derrota. Hoy toca amargor, y tu sabes mejor que nadie como crecerte para buscar la dulzura de las aventuras finalizadas... que sin duda te quedan muchas.
Alex E.
13 January 2011
02:42 H
Toni Sangls
12 January 2011
19:32 H
"em quedo amb les valuoses lliçons que aquesta derrota em pot aportar."
Per a mí aquesta reflexió representa un èxit per sobre del fracàs.
Albert has tornat a triomfar!
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