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22 October 2011
The Strait of Magellan

We've been three days in Punta Arenas (Chile), preparing all the material to be ready to fly to Antarctica.

But at the moment we have to pull from one of the key virtues that are required in Antarctica: Patience. In this remote environment, everything is uncertain and approximate. You never know will be possible to be done the next day. And the first example of this is that despite having the Transantarctic flight scheduled for Saturday 22nd. poor weather conditions have postponed it at least until next Monday 24rd. or Tuesday 25th.

However, this delay doesn't mean bad news for us, but it has a clear positive reading: So if the plane could fly on Saturday, we could not be on it, because we have not yet received the key material we need (Sledge, skis, tent, stoves, food, etc..), that we sent by freight shipment on October 4th. It should have arrived here on the 15th., but various bureaucratic problems, logistical and geological, have prevented it so far.

Yes, yes ... we were not wrong to say we have had "geological"  problems, because the latter reason that has delayed the truck that brings our cargo from Santiago Chile to Punta Arenas, has been due to the eruption of Caulle Volcano. This has been in eruption for about 3 months, and occasionally emit a lot of ash causing significant visibility problems, and doing that, as in this case have been closed the mountain port Cardenal Somore, where our transport came through. The latest news is that the truck has already been passed, and we'll have the material with us on Sunday afternoon, with the expectation of being able to load it in the Antarctic flight in order to take off on Monday or Tuesday.

Therefore, despite having been very busy making final preparations for the past two days, we now expect many quiet forced waiting hours until we can fly. The good news is that we aim to gain weight and accumulate as much fat in our body as possible; and in Punta Arenas there are some good restaurants. So the next steake and the next beer, will go for you following on this website.

Touching the patagon indian food (tradition for all Antarctic  expeditioner before starting)
Buying last things
Trying the satelite phone
Checking all communication system
26 October 2011
18:51 H
Ostres Albert, una expedició a l'Antàrtida sense apèndix i acompanyat pel Gel no té gràcia. Si Amundsen aixequés el cap! Molta sort i a disfrutar dels liofilitzats Voyager (llenties no).
25 October 2011
23:33 H
Això si que ho faràs de gust:
gaudir de la gastronomia local.
Bon profit!
Muntanya de LLibres
24 October 2011
18:42 H
Des de Muntanya De Llibres us volem donar tot el suport que poguem... des de la distància és clar!!! Ànims i ja tenim ganes que ens aneu explicant com avança l'aventura!!
24 October 2011
17:35 H
Ostres Carles, em vas comentar que t'havies tallat el cabell ben curt, tens raó, és la primera vegada que et veig així!!! Molt guapo. Endavant nois!!! Des de Piolet us anirem seguint...
Molts petons!!!
24 October 2011
15:57 H
Albert, per anar al super a comprar quatre coses i un diari exòtic no calia tanta moguda . Aviam si feu alguna cosa que poguem explicar ¡¡.
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