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26 October 2011
Waiting at the Hostel

Here we are, burning hours in Punta Arenas, living a lazy live between the hostel, the burguers, some short walks, some sporadic joggings and reading everything that we can have in front of us.

Anyway, slowly, some things are progressing.

On the one hand, we finally got the material we had sent by Cargo from Barcelona. It should have been hear the 14th., and finally we have recieved it today. If our Antarctic flight had not been delayed, we would have had a serious problem.

On the other hand it is continuing the uncertainty over the time, and forecasts are delaying the flight. Now the first window of good weather is expected for next Friday the 28th, but still not entirely clear, and it appears that Saturday will be complicated again. This is a key point for us, as we have assigned the flight number 2, when the flight number 1 still has not flown. If the weather is  good enough, one flight can go after the other, but always with an interval of 24 hours to have time to go, to come back, and to give time to rest for the pilots. Consequently it could happen that there would be fligth number 1 on Friday, and to be delayed again for our flight (number 2).

Anyway, we are making intense efforts to be included in flight number 1 ... and we have quite good feelings on that. On Thursday we'll know ...

28 October 2011
05:50 H
muchas bendiciones. albert
Akabr Syed
27 October 2011
16:44 H
Buena suerte hombres Carles y Albert!!!
27 October 2011
14:58 H
¡Muy maja vuestra página! Desde Mañolandia también os deseo lo mejor en vuestro "paseíco antártico", Albert y Carles... ¡Ojo con los sabañones!!!
Raquel de Haro
27 October 2011
14:20 H
Hola Albert i Carles,

Som les noies d'INVERGROUP, només voliem dir-te que no et deixis la barba si us plau, no ens agrada!!!.
Us veiem molt be a tots dos, vinga molta sort i segur que Divendres despegeuuuuuuu.....
Una abraçada molt gran!!!

Ski Club Camprodon
27 October 2011
12:35 H
Des de l'Ski Club camprodon, us anirem seguint i donant suport, a part de difondre per els nostres mitjans la vostra aventura.

Molts ànims i sort, estem amb vosaltres!!!
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