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From 25 October 2011 to 15 January 2012
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27 October 2011
Preparing all the material

Great news: We have confirmed that we can go into the first plane, and we have a 95% chance of flying tomorrow morning (Friday 28 - 7 a.m).

After a delay of 6 extra days, it seems that everything is going to focus better, and may even be that we begin the journey within the range of dates estimated.

We're super motivated, we feel perfect, we have all the illusion of the world, and we have everything ready.

Yesterday we were 6 hours in the logistics warehouse preparing all our material to be transported to Antarctica. We reduced many things that initially we had planned to bring, but even so, we are in a 130Kg. weight for each. Surely once in the Union Glacier base, we can still cut some weight.  And believe us that have the right materials we had to work hard and  make some very important decisions, and of great importance for the future of humanity, such as: How many packets of tea we take?; more freeze-dried lentils or more pasta?; will we have enough with 15 or 20 lighters?, etc. ... and the most crucial of all (no joke): The toilet paper we take ... we have calculated 1.5 stools per day, for a maximum of 55 days at the equivalent of two handkerchiefs of paper per service ... From here, you can do your own calculations.

Starting tomorrow (if we fly, of course), we enter the key phase of the project. And we will make every effort to ensure that all those who want to follow us on the web, will find it updated.

We carry satellite phones (Iridium-Fibertel), geolocation system on-line (Race Tracker - Yellowbrick), and a computer ... with the corresponding solar panels and batteries so that we can charge everything. But everything should be designed to be able to be carried without assuming too much volume and weight, and therefore, we have limited communications. In this situation, we have organized the comms as follows:

- In real time you can see our evolution through RACE TRACKER system on this website.

- Daily we will inform by satellite phone, and Maria and Montse will update the site with the main facts of the day.

- Two or three times a week we will write a text from the tent, and send it by satellite to be posted on the website.

- Wherever we can we will send photos (though not excessive because they weigh so much to send them through the satellite system that we have)

- Every 3 days all messages you have left us on the Website, will be pasted in a document to be sent by a satellite directly to your computer. Therefore, we can read all your comments, which will fill us with a lot of energy and we will greatly appreciate.

So hopefully the next release on this website will be transmitted from the wonderful Antarctic continent. Since tomorrow, when you will go to bed, you can imagine that you have us in your freezer, sleeping among the Haagen Daz and the frozen beans.

Thank you, thank you very much for follow us. Sharing this experience with you is one of the best parts of this adventure.

Preparing the Skis
Trying the food
Trying the stuff on the sled
Putting sponsors logos on the sled
All material ready to be charged
Emma Costa
27 November 2011
16:24 H
Hola Albert!
Moltíiiiiisma sort!!!. Se que la necesitas!!!.Anims!, pero si no ho veus clar no dubtis a tornar al "home sweet home"!!!
Aquí t'esperem!
carmen terrassa
30 October 2011
19:30 H
moltíssima sort !!!!!!!! us seguím
29 October 2011
19:57 H
Us desitjo moltíssima sort i pit i collons.
29 October 2011
18:10 H
Comença el gran viatge!!!!
Francesc Comellas
29 October 2011
13:16 H
Bé, bé, unes noticies excel·lents, això ja marxa, amb una mica de sort arranqueu ja, molts d'ànims i us anirem seguin.
Una abraçada.
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