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28 October 2011

After all the uncertainty with the scheduled flight until the last minute we have been able to flight to Antarctica. We had several chances to fly according last night report. They would pick us up today at 7h but at 6h30 bad news again and it seemed we would have to stay again in Punta Arenas. Finally at 8h10 we had a phone call telling us to be ready in 15 minutes!

We got to the airport still with no confirmation as the weather offered a very small window to fly and it seemed it would get worse. The final decision was taken after passing the passport control area.

Luckily it took a 4hour flight with tailwind to get us to our destination, normally it would have taken 4h30 minutes.

Once in Antarctica, we have had a welcome temperature of -20ºC, and when we got our material and test our tent we were already at -28ªC. The base crew told us that the temperature last night reached -37ºC, all in all, a great start and a very fast acclimatization to extreme temperatures...

Our intentions are to dedicate the whole of tomorrow (Saturday 29th) to prepare all materials and fit them in the sledges, and try it on site to check for a few hours that everything works fine, and to shoot some footage in order to send it Barcelona for TV purposes as we will not be able to send any videos, only photographs.If everything goes according to plan, we will sleep in the coast if they take us on Sunday first thing in the morning and start our adventure the same day.

dolors costa
31 October 2011
22:02 H
Molts d'ànims i força per aquesta nova aventura, us aniré seguint dia a dia!
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