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From 25 October 2011 to 15 January 2012
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29 October 2011

After sleeping for the first time in our tent and reaching temperatures inside of -22ºC at night we have spent the day working very hard at Union Glacier Base Camp organizing all the material and its placement on our sledges.

We have spent most of the morning doing that as well as last minute adjustments with our sealskins, batteries  and electrical equipment protection from the cold temperatures, making videos and photographs to send to the media prior our departure, etc...

During the afternoon, we did some training and equipment testing in real conditions with our fully packed sledges (weight and size). The good news is we have been able to move these monster sledges for a couple of hours with a great feeling on our return to the tent!! But the truth is, if you think of it, it's serious stuff to pull those things for 1.180 Km. As for now, it looks quite difficult, but we are sure, as we move forward we will feel more confident we can make it.

A good thought on that front is that we mostly carry food (around 85 Kg. per sledge), and every time we eat, the lighter the sledge will become.

Hopefully tomorrow ( Sunday, 30th ) if the weather does not change, will fly in a "twin otter" around 9 in the morning towards the Antarctic coast, at Hercules Inlet Bay where finally our adventure will start and advance around 10 to 15 Km. as first adaptation stage.

At Hercules Inlet Bay we will share a "toast" with all of you with one of the Estrella DAMM biers that we are taking with us in order to celebrate the goals that we are setting up during the expeditions.

It's going to taste great, and as you can imagine, also very cold
01 November 2011
15:51 H
Molta sort! L'aventura és ingent i les condicions seran molt dures.

Endavant, us seguirem!
01 November 2011
15:13 H
Ei Carles & Albert, espero i desitjo que aquesta aventura sigui infinita, que sigui el començament d'un somni i que aquest us porti a un altre i que poc a poc us envolti la màgia d'aquest paisatge tan ùnic... deixeu-vos portar... salut i força!!
01 November 2011
11:58 H
Ke tingueu molta sort i bon temps x poder aconseguir aket somni tan especial! Carles, ns veiem kuan tornis i m'explikes, eh? Ke al final no ns vam poder despedir! 1 petonàs a tots dos!
Eric Galan
01 November 2011
11:37 H
Molts ànims parella molts força en aquesta
Nova aventura. Us desitgem que disfruteu molt
I patiu poc.
Una forta empemta de la Susana, el Pol i l'Eric.
31 October 2011
22:28 H
Lluiteu i penseu en el dia a dia, no en el final.

...Tenía la sensación de haberme caído de la Tierra durante mis sueños e ido a parar a una Tierra de nadie entre las zonas habitadas y los espacios galácticos, en una esfera sin lugar ni tiempo..

Barry Lopez

El vostre somni amb perseverança i lluita es veurà recompensat.

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