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From 25 October 2011 to 15 January 2012
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02 November 2011

It's been three days now that we formally started, and I mean formally as we are not that sure that we have started it.

So far we have moved 20 kilometers and we are struggling big time!

On Sunday we started late and advanced 9 kilometers and on Monday, as explained on the previous post, with a Wind chill factor of -35-40º, the sastruguis and a very complicated zone with crevices, would only allow us to cover another 10 kilometers.

Carles has confessed he has never found such extreme conditions; neither in Greenland or crossing the Baltic Sea.

During Tuesday night the Katabatic wind dangerously intensified and stayed that way during the morning. We have decided to wait in order to avoid any possible frostbite until 16h when climate conditions improve, but it was already too late to get going.

At present time is difficult to say we are in good spirits as the start of this expedition it's becoming very hard and complicated and we do not know if it's going to be like that all the time.

Now we understand why no Spanish expedition has crossed the South Pole unsupported. It is not the same to carry 70 or 90 Kg. than 130.

Now we understand why it's so valuable to start from the coast as the first section is one of the hardest possible routes.

Now we understand why many people that want to feel the sensation of reaching the South Pole, do it from degree 89: they reach the Pole covering only 112 Kilometers on a flat surface and with no need to carry much material.

Now we understand why this adventure is considered as one of the most demanding, both physically and mentally: In here, daily effort is at its maximum, the cold, extreme, and the inconveniences of living in these conditions, multiple.

We expect the wind to ease tomorrow and be back on track.

In any case, don't worry, despite this chronicle transmitting a negative sensation, we are happy to be here, intensively experimenting the isolation and adapting to such hostile nature.

Will write and send photos every time we can, but we talk everyday to Maria and Montse and they update the web.


03 November 2011
17:03 H
Són molt pocs els que arrisquen, però teniu la força física i mental, la fè a que pari el vent dels ous, i l´experiència; això ho és tot.

No decaiguis, si us plau.

nin prat
03 November 2011
13:21 H
Albertuuuuuuuuuuu..................aniiiiiiim..........collons kin fred
03 November 2011
12:11 H
Molts anims nois!!
Gerard Freixa
03 November 2011
00:52 H
Hola amic,

He estat llegint aquesta tarda el vostre relat. Ara ja de vespre, no volia anar-me'n a dormir sense unes paraules. Però no sabia massa que escriure-us. Finalment he optat per una cosa que mai falla. He buscat un dels llibres que sempre m'agrada fullejar, "la pregaria de la granota" de l'Anthony de Mello. Es un llibre on recull histories curtes i ell hi escriu alhora alguna reflexió.

En aquest cas la reflexió és:

" Un factor fonamental per a assolir la llibertat és el coneixement ocasionat per l'adversitat"

... i la historia és:

Un home, completament perdut en el desert, es desesperava per a trobar aigua. Amb penes i treballs anà remuntant una duna rere l'altre. Però tot fou inútil. Finalment es va estirar a la sorra, derrotat i abatut. De sobte, va ser conscient del silenci del desert. Arreu regnava una majestuosa tranquil.litat que no era pertorbada pel més mínim so. Intuitivament, alçà el cap. Havia sentit alguna cosa. Una cosa tant tenue que només l'orella més aguda i el més pregon silenci podien arribar a detectar: el so de l'aigua quan flueix.

Encoratjat per l'esperança que aquell so havia produit en ell, s'aixecà i no parà de caminar fins que arribà a un rierol de netes i refrescants aigües.
03 November 2011
00:01 H
Molta sort!
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