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04 November 2011
Albert the tent due to storm

Last night Albert's email:

"It has been now three days in our tent. The weather conditions are appalling...wind storms for two days in a row, that have worsened with zero visibility and snowfall making it impossible to move any forward... To get out there in these conditions would have been crazy, we could maybe move 4 to 5 kilometers, but surely we would have suffered frostbites and worse. We have decided to have patience, waiting for a window of good weather. Tomorrow forecasts (according to base), are pretty much the same as the previous days, so it's looking like we are going to stay indoors in our 2 x 0,6meters space for each one of us. 

It is not hat we are demoralized, as this was planned and knew it would eventually happen, and we are used to this sort of situations, but the truth is if that happened after covering 200 or 300 kilometers, our perception would be very different, at least we would know where we stand in terms of possibilities in acceptable conditions. Now, so close to the start, without any possibility to make some progress, we are suffering quite a lot, and start to seriously worry about the chances to meet a realistic for our expedition.

Right now, we are completely unaware of the possible end to this adventure. But be sure that the experience of this blockage at the very beginning, makes it all more complex, much more uncertain, and maybe, (if everything falls into place), much more interesting. In any case, it is a start that will be strongly determining our path during the entire expedition."

Carles the tent due to storm
05 November 2011
12:34 H
Ja ho sabiem que no seria un camí de roses. Però tot plegat és molt emprenyador. De tota manera després de la tormenta sempre arriba la calma i llavors serà el moment d'apretar fort. Paciència que tot arribarà. Sort i Salut!
05 November 2011
11:42 H
Llega un borracho a la cantina: "Me da un whisky doble". Se lo toma y le pregunta al cantinero: "Oiga, ¿los pingüinos viven en el Polo Sur, verdad?" "Así es, señor". "Está bien, tráigame otro whisky doble". Después vuelve a preguntarle: "¿Y esos pingüinos son negros con blanco?" "Sí, señor". Pide otro whisky doble y al rato: "Y los pingüinos miden menos de 90 cm, ¿cierto?" "Así es, 90 cm aproximadamente". "¡Ay, Dios mío, entonces acabo de atropellar a una monja enana!"
Jordi Mercader
05 November 2011
08:43 H
Molts anims,esperem que passi rapid el mal temps i pogueu reempendre l aventura aviat.
Teniu molt temps per recuperar aquests dies. Quan os poseu en marxa quedara com una anecdota.
Una abraçada i molta sort.
05 November 2011
00:39 H
-Felicitats Carles!!!! Un petó molt gran des de Dosrius. Ànims!!!! a tots dos, i cuideu-vos!!!!!
04 November 2011
23:59 H
felicitats, i com diu la cançó que tinguis sort......aquí plou i plou.......cuideu-vos mutuament i ptns
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