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08 November 2011
The tent in the middle of the storm

If we were to participate in a Blog contest, surely we would win the most boring award.

Simply, as we tell every day what's going on, and unfortunately nothing is going on, we found ourselves with not much to say. Conclusion: A great party.

We could analyze how tough and challenging is to live in such small space, after so many days and half frozen, but i wouldn't be sure that would go down well on our followers, as you are smart enough to figure it out.

What surely you can't imagine, is about diet made of "Kartenka" hair. I explain:

The super boots that we are wearing are made in Norway and for sure, are the most convenient and adequate for this type of expeditions with such extreme colds and back country skis. But in order to deliver all that performance, they supply them with a kind of heavy-very thick socks of pure black Norwegian wool, which are great, but they have this thing of leaving enormous amounts of hair everywhere...

So, everyday we take our boots and the socks off, we let a cloud of Norwegian sheep hair all over the tent, and subsequently, this annoying hair has the great ability to reach all our cooking elements, pans, the melting snow to cook, our dishes... It is required a lot of attention and intense activity to take  all these bloody ‘Kartenka' hairs finally assuming that from all the consumed calories, there are some coming from this repulsive and annoying additive.

Added to all the miseries we are going through (both mental and physical) inside the tent, at temperatures very wee below zero, you can include now, this disgusting rutine which makes our wait, even worse

We hate Norwegian sheep's!

Two'dead' of disgust in the store
john Diplock
09 November 2011
12:22 H
hi Albert - hang on in there - should have used Devon sheep - all the best
09 November 2011
09:01 H
Nois, em sembla que esteu ENGREIXANT !!!! a veure si cuideu una mica la linea, que el final, no cabreu al sac. Ànims.

Xavier i Alba
09 November 2011
01:13 H
Doncs si se us acaben les provisions ja sabeu que fer, menjar-vos els mitjons i els seus corresponents péls. jejejeje. Ànims i endavant
Jordi i Candela
08 November 2011
23:55 H
Eiiiiiiii Carles i Albert,va que ja s´acaba la rutina fastigosa ,i amb els pels podeu intentar fer castells amb folre i manillas pero sempre rosats.

Vinga nois,anims,i molta força

Una abracada

08 November 2011
23:49 H
Tota experiència és bona, ens fa enriquir i ens ajuda a créixer.

Molta paciència, i animar-vos a continuar lluitant, com ho esteu fent ara.
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