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From 25 October 2011 to 15 January 2012
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15 November 2011
DAY 16
Rest before yesterday we did during the rise

Albert yesterday afternoon sent this email:

After yesterday's terrific effort to get to where we are now, carrying our heavy sledges on such steep hill with so much powder and without knowing where to stand as visibility levers were so low, we planted our tent underneath an ice barrier of approximately 2 kilometers long. We could see loads of crevices around us and it would have been crazy to carry on in such conditions.

The main thing today it has been again the visibility and because of the number of crevices around us we will stay indoors. We are only 2 kilometers away of a safe GPS point, but in order to get there we have to go up again and go around this massive ice barrier. Wind conditions are not great, but good enough to advance. We only need to be able to see better!!!

Everyone knows that from the sea to Latitude 81º, there is the most complicated part of our journey to the South Pole. And we are doing this part in the worst possible conditions, of wind, visibility and snow.

Now we understand why the "Al Filo de lo Imposible" group said the first 100 kilometers made them almost abandon because of its toughness. And we now also understand why it has so much value to do it without any support, as they carried sledges of only 80 kilograms, and deposits along the way. We are doing the same with 135 Kg. sledges.

Despite not having fast internet access (we can only send and receive small emails) we are receiving every 3-4 days all the messages you are leaving on our site. We read them all: some are very funny, some do really touch us, and above all, all of them are helping us a lot to get through this misery. We will not have extra food or material supplies during our expedition, but we are getting a lot of "energetic assistance" with your messages and comments. Many thanks to all of you, it means a lot.


Breaking news after last Albert and Carles call, the night of the 14th of November:

At mid afternoon, visibility has improved and we have been able to go outside to inspect the terrain around us: We have seen clearly where to cross and avoid the crevices that resulted not to be more than a feet in length, so no problem.

Nando Gel sent us some exciting weather news...There is a general improvement and it is going to be like that for the next five days... Fingers crossed and let's see if it is our time now!!!!

17 November 2011
10:47 H
Greetings from the Croatia!
I follow your venture and sincerely admire you.
From the armchair all looks nice and exciting. In mind I relive your adventures, and then go out and freezes at +4° C.From the comfort of civilization, it is impossible to understand the conditions that you are fighting with.
Good wishes and of course good weather.
16 November 2011
08:23 H
Vinga, vinga! a cremar l'energia acumulada, les hormones necessiten gasto i la ment esbargir-se! aquesta visibilitat i calma de vent que no arriba mai serà ben preuada ara. A tope parella!!! des d'aquí una forta abraçada i tota l'energia del món!!
Desde Sants LLiure i Tropical
16 November 2011
00:58 H
Senyors, NO patiu que aquí tot està en crisi i no té ni tindrà més bona pinta que lo vostre, així que estigueu tranquils i pas a pas, esquerda a esquerda fins la propera parada...La Troba us envia el seu suport !
uma del camping
16 November 2011
00:51 H
carles ,desde tu camping , al pie de la montaña enamorada de tu princesa rosa , k te cuido y mimo desde abajo ,,,,(vallibierna) te mando un saco de fuerzas , de todos los k aki te queremos , uma , indi , david , ana, y los demas ,,,,,,en boca de todos no me pongo ,,,,,,jajjaj , esto como bien sabes esta chupau , envidio tu perdida de peso ,,esta claro ,,jajjaja animos y adelante campeon....el mejor camping del mundo ,,camping alta ribagorça...
Xavier Carles
16 November 2011
00:08 H
Albert i Carles,
Us anem seguint cada dia, no estareu mai sols en aquesta aventura. A veure si millora el temps i podeu progressar d'una vegada per totes. Aquí no us perdeu gaire cosa, continua la "crisi catabàtica". Llum i energia positiva!!! (i una abraçada a les vostres famílies!)
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