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From 25 October 2011 to 15 January 2012
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17 November 2011

Last night Albert's email:

Finally yesterday we had a good day, and we ended up highly motivated and with high hopes of pushing it hard. But the last two kilometers, Carles fell tan intense pain on his heel. Even so we wanted to continue doing some progress, we decide to camp and leave his feet to recover.

We have woken up with a bit of wind but it has eased and surprised us with an excellent gorgeous day (almost no wind, bright sunshine and total visibility). A perfect day to make up for all the delays we had, but Carles heel is not good. After putting his boots on, he could hardly walk despite having it treated and protected. He could not see himself capable of doing even 2 Km. for that reason we stayed in, let the ay go, and see how this weird pain evolves. We can not see any apparent injury or bruise, but it hurts him a lot with the boot on...Imagine what could that be on a 8 hours journey pulling so many kilos...

We give ourselves maximum until tomorrow morning to decide what to do. At present time, in our situation, with the delay that we accumulate makes it impossible to progress consistently. Either we go for it at a 100% or it will be completely impossible to maintain any options to reach the South Pole.


17 November 2011
19:43 H
Maybe there is an opportunity to raise the heel of the boot, so it will be less pressure on your heels when walking.

I hope the best for you! Health and good luck!
Believe in intuition.
17 November 2011
17:26 H
Enseguida, lo blanco nos rodeó y pude reencontrar los encantos y esplendores de una aurora siberiana. Rocas, barrancos y morrenas de glaciar: todo dormía bajo la nieve como en el fondo de un sepulcro y, en este blanco ilimitado que fulminaba nuestros ojos, solo éramos tres manchitas errantes. Avanzábamos sin ruido, como fantasmas, en un silencio extraño, universal y absoluto: nada en el mundo es tan mudo como una soledad de nieve.

Henry Russell, 1908
17 November 2011
17:14 H
El peu dels...!!! em sap greu Carles,la opció seria posar-lo dins el "gel" un segon si aguantas, potser et millora encara que sigui molt dur...tu ets fort i o soportas tot,espero que et millori!

paciència i molts ànims als dos :))
Solana Gel
17 November 2011
16:39 H
Chicos que duro les ha tocado
Carles más que nunca estoy a tu lado apoyandote en la dificultad
De corazón que mejores
Será un largo día alerta, de las novedades de mañana pero con mucha esperanza que todo mejore
Beso grande
jaume tolosa
17 November 2011
16:38 H
Hòstia quina mala llet, va que no serà res!!!

Demà peus a terra i a fondo. GASSSSSSS!!!!!!
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