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19 November 2011

Today has been my very first day completely alone after Carles forced abandonment.

This time the Antarctic climate has respected me, allowing me small break before hitting back. It has been a wonderful day...bright and very low wind. I have been particularly fortunate when mounting and dismounting the tent, as there was no wind, and this is one of my biggest worries, as we carry a very good and resistant tent, but a little complicated to mount.

It has been an 8 and a half hour nonstop journey, with 5 small breaks to eat and drink a bit. I have given it a very good shot, as I wanted to, it was a good day and I was feeling good. Even so, I have only been able to cover 17,5 Km. At Union Glacier Base they tell me that it's a very good distance for the are I'm in, but I feel very disappointed.  But the fact is that the sledge is very heavy and the terrain is very uneven with very frequent patches of soft snow.

I have enclosed a photograph of my how my baby has grown... When I had packed the sledge this morning, it frightened the life out of me because of its size and its weight. This is mainly due to the fact that I have taken all the common material we had with Carles and that is absolute necessary to take me further. Moreover, there is a little extra here as the tent is bigger and heavier than if had to chose one for myself.

All in all, this is what we've got and these are the circumstances I have to deal with in order to progress in my quest. I am very happy to be able to carry on and see how far I can go.

As the batteries recharging system works very good and as I am all on my own, I will try and send the chronicle myself (before I use to do it every now and then, and talking to Maria on the phone). And during the journey hours, as I have a lot of time to give some thought to everything, and it is normal to focus on a particular issue or an individual I am considering to dedicate that day to someone or something in particular. Be aware: I will always start with the stage explanation, and then the dedicatory...I am saying it to whomever follows this blog may just want to focus on the stage and not be bothered with the whole dedicatory thing).

Be warned...If normally I always go on and on...Imagine if I'm all day on my own what can happen when I'm on the computer...!!!



Today it has been a day full of contradictions, obviously. On the one hand I'm very happy to continue with the project, but on the other hand I'm very sad because of Carles abandonment. I spent most of my day thinking of him and to him go this first stage on my own.

Carles: I will try and make it as far as possible as we both gave birth to this project. And without no matter where do I finally get to, South Pole or not, my first thought will be for you, as you should have been with me there.

Carles has been a good friend, and has done terrific efforts to overcome the difficulties we found at the beginning. And he did, despite having a small problem we didn't even mentioned (so we wouldn't worry our families) with some minor frostbites in his hands.

I only wish you to take this abandonment in a good way and consider it just as one bad experience on your journey where to turn your projects into reality.  It does not succeed who does not reach the end but who does not attempt. And if someone thinks it has given it his best shot, it already is a success, independently of the final outcome.

In this dedicatory, I would like to add also all Carles family and especially to his partner Judit and his brother Nando that have provided all available support thought all the process, especially during the toughest parts of the final days. Carles: It is a luxury to have people that love you so much.

By the way: Today, after talking to the Union Glacier Base, they told me that Carles was flying tonight  to Punta Arenas. So, tomorrow he will be back to civilization and will be able to get back in touch with his loved ones directly. I am saying it as he has no satellite phone and has not been able to speak with his family. Tomorrow he'll back on the phone in Chile.

Carles: I'll see you very soon in the Ripolles! A big hug!!!

john diplock
22 November 2011
09:14 H
Carles, you don't know me but i know how you feel, what a tough decision, but, im sure, the right one. I'm sure Albert will continue knowing the it was a joint effort from both of you.

Albert, your a brave man, enjoy and keep that sledge moving x
22 November 2011
00:08 H
S'ha de tenir molt valor i el cap molt ben amoblat o potser tot al contrari, jo que sé peró si que t'entenc i t'animo a continuar amb aquesta experiencia que ja passa totes les expectatives que tenies al principi.

Pit i collons Albert. Anims
Anna i Xavi
21 November 2011
20:52 H
Que xerres de "primer dia sol"???
Aquí no estaràs cap dia sol!!! Estem tots amb tu.
Una abraçada calorosa i molts ànims!!
Ens veiem per Nadal a casa.
Anna Penadès i Xavi
Alberto Martínez
21 November 2011
09:51 H
Uf, menos mal... Ya estás de vuelta en Punta Arenas, Carles... Imagino que lamentando ese tiempo de perros (antárticos) y la lesión en el pie que se han confabulado para acortar tu aventura... Pero seguro que por estos lares, muchos suspiran con alivio al saberte a salvo... Con la mochila bien repleta de sensaciones (alguna de ellas, incluso buena, a pesar de esa mala suerte que os ha golpeado día tras día), como muchos de nosotros no degustaremos jamás... Y con nuevos proyectos, desde luego...
21 November 2011
00:40 H
Hi Albert,
Tens un parell de collons ben grans !!! llastima que no tens lloc en el sled i tendras arastrarlos contigo. We are all following your adventures very closely. As I have told you before: perseverentia palmam obtinebit - perseverance will gain the crown of victory - my father, Professor Waterhouse s life long slogan.
Good luck
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