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From 25 October 2011 to 15 January 2012
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20 November 2011

I have moved forward covering 18,75 km. in 8h30. Not very steep but the terrain makes it very complicated to pull along this bloody sledge.

I've been thinking that maybe we have been a little daring when conceiving this Project in complete self sufficiency, when brave people like the guys from the TV program "Al filo de lo Imposible", wouldn't even consider it. Every Km done, has a very high price, has to be fought thoroughly and leaves you grinded. Is it was to be always like that no chance to make it at all on time. Theoretically from 1.000/1.200 metres high it should improve (now I'm on 740 metres).

The day has nevertheless, been perfect. Zero wind and lots of sunshine. I have travelled in parallel to the last hills of the Elsworth Mountain range and I have set camp right in front of the last two hills of the Elsworths. Tomorrow I'll start to move away, and it will be a lot of days without seeing any mountain. Theoretically until I reach the Thiel Mountains, if I ever get there, as there are approximately 500 kilometres of distance.

I am adapting to the daily routine: wake up and breakfast - dismount the tent - prepare the sledge - Trashing Journey - mount the tent - dinner and dry whatever is wet - Relax and web chronicle, sleep, and back to square one. I try not to think about how many kilometres I have left, nor the days to do it. I'm taking it day by day, and if everything goes according to plan I'll look at the global picture as I would easily desperate. I'll look at the overall picture in the next few days.

It is going to be almost impossible to be out there for more than 8 hours day in day out. I would probably dry out, and then again a broken back and not enough liquid to rehydrate properly. When I camped yesterday, I felt almost dehydrated (even with nausea) carrying 2,5 litres of water. Today has been different, because on top of the bottle with PowerBar energetic supplement, and a 1,5 litre tea bottle, I have added  a 0,5litre bottle supplied by PowerBar. I also win another half a litre by adding snow and filling half my thermo cup, just before drinking, then, when I add the hot tea, the snow melts and I have it fresh and very tasty, and the amount of liquid lasts for the entire journey. All in all: About 3,5 litres during the day and then I quench my thirst in the tent when I tart to melt the snow.

Josep M
22 November 2011
00:24 H
Ja que parles de eleccions, ojala que els nostres governants fossin com tu i el Carles, gent amb ambició, que saben afrontar els reptes, resolutius, positius, generosos i que saben dosificar els esforços. Si us presenteu a les properes eleccions teniu el meu vot! :-))
Xavi G
21 November 2011
12:01 H
Va que d'aqui no res es baixada "quejica" a veure si despres no podras frenar ...

Fret ? va home va, fotet un bon whisky i deixat de romanços i mariconades

Vent ? i les tramuntanes que?

Que si qu'arrives collons!

Gabi Gel
21 November 2011
11:26 H
Hola Albert
Fas de de no pensar en el queda, s'ha de fer com be dius el dia a dia... això es el que conte i poc a poc fins la meta... Salut i Sort
David Tormos
21 November 2011
11:26 H
Anims Albert, tots confiem en les teves capacitats i sabem que si la meteo és propicia ho pots aconseguir. T'estem seguint. Força i petons.
21 November 2011
10:18 H
Hola Albert, soy un apasionado de las regiones polares y no sabes lo que daria por estar ahi contigo, tirando de una enorme pulka, dias y dias, en ese magico lugar...
Te nevio fuerza, enrgia y equilibrio para ese enorme reto que tienes por delante, animo y disfrutalo al maximo.

Un abrazo.

Luis Martinez
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