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From 25 October 2011 to 15 January 2012
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21 November 2011

Very windy day with clear visibility. I have only done 13,5 Km., but I'll take it as a success for two reasons:

1) The track was packed with sastruguis all the way. Let's remind you that these are wind sculptured snow areas. It is impossible to move forward at a good pace plus the pulling efforts of my back are killing me. I attach a photograph with the sledge stuck as it happened in several occasions. The terrain is constantly uphill, and with this rugged relief you have to push yourself very hard and to the limit to move the sledge and overcome these ice forms. It is tremendously exhausting, both physically and mentally.

2) I have only done 7 hours and a half of a journey today. The reason is very simple, I overslept. At 6h AM (10h in Barcelona) had a call from Catalunya Radio, and then I decided to wait a bit to wake up, but I dozed off. In fact, at 7h15 I was up already again, but until 7h45 I didn't get out of my sac as I could hear the gale-force winds that scared the hell out of me. To get out of the sac it's the worst moment of all as it takes a lot of will to do it. To start, one is still exhausted from yesterday's effort, and second it feels so closely warm inside my super sac, and lately, one knows when sitting up, starts a new journey with plenty of work ahead and freezing outside. And the issue is particularly complicated when all of that happens while you're in the sac listening how the strong winds blow against the tent.

I have decided today to organize myself mentally to split this lunacy ahead of me. I estimate that since the day I was left alone, if nothing major happens, I could reach the South Pole within 40 days (going super fast), and 50 days (if I don't get stuck again for days...). Therefore, I point at the 40 days at quite a rate. If I haven't made it in 40 days, at least I will be further away and with real expectations to make it. Thus, my goal is to keep walking at the best pace I can, during 40 journeys. Then, in order to make it more attainable, I divide them in groups of 4 effective journeys, that will compose the 10% of the total once all completed. This way seems to me a lot easier. If I can crack on with it will be the last part of the first group of 4 effective journeys and that would mean that I have reached the 100% of my target. And from tomorrow, towards the 20%....It will not be that far to get to 90%, true?



Camila Vargas. I've been thinking a lot about her during the last two days...We teamed up to do an important challenge together, which to me meant climbing Mount Everest, and to her, to overcome the critical situation she was in when I first met her the Valle Hebron Hospital, whilst waiting for a lung transplant. We both achieved our shared goals and I took some photos with her picture in some of he most significant places I was in that expedition, and of course, the summit.

As a result of all this, we where all hands-on together with Mònica Sans and Luis Morate and got to record Camila´s first composed song. If you wish to listen to it, click here. She dedicate the song to me as I summated Everest with her, and as you can see, it's amazing. People like Camila are an example of despite having difficult moments or very critical situations, one has to move forward. Now she ´s got new lungs and going back to a normal life, still delicate and with lots of care.

Camila: As you probably read this, I want to tell you we cannot stop and leave it here....We have to make a record, and do it now. I'm saying it here as a lot of people will see it and will honour my compromise. I will commit to fundraise whatever is necessary to compose, record all songs and launch a complete album. If I have found the funds enough to do this expedition, I should be able to raise enough money to do this. Will approach foundations, private donors, sponsors, organise an event, etc... You don't worry, it will happen. Roll up your sleeves and work hard, push Mònica and Luis, a let's establish a serious work plan that will lead us to your new album come true (in 2012 maybe?). When I come back let's get in touch and do it....But do not lose any time, do it now!


john diplock
29 November 2011
14:28 H
Albert, keep that head thinking and in order, your body is strong, this journey can only be completed with your head. Just received your email, thank you for your kind thoughts, it is a long time but often think of you guys and the kindness you gave me. Your journey has reminded me of those times, so thank you. Each step is closer to your challenge, and 40 days no problem is it?
22 November 2011
10:12 H

Quan arribo a la feina, el primer que faig cada dia és obrir el teu bloc. És un autèntic luxe poder seguir de prop la teva gesta i també seguir els teus pensaments per aconseguir la teva fita.
Com que sóc de lletres, t'envio un poema del poeta i pintor Perejaume que parla del vent:

Oh absoluta escaiença!
El llebeig com una cançó cenyidora sonant pertot.
I els oïstes parant l'orella a aquell cordill tremolós
amb què el vent, ell mateix, es rubrica.

Molts ànims i força.
JL Garcia
22 November 2011
09:51 H

Jo seguint-te per La Vanguardia i tens aquest peazo web! De fet, la teva web és proporcional a la mida dels teus pebrots, em trec el barret i tot el que calgui (vostè dirà...).

Que sàpiguis que els santjoanins a Osona t'esperem per a fer el sopar anual. Tu tries el restaurant, ok?

Abraçades moltes!!!

emma roca
22 November 2011
08:17 H
Dia a dia, pas a pas, hora a hora. Tot compta, tot suma. La teva ment no té barreres i el teu cos aguanta estoicament. Cada crònica que envies es veu clar la duresa de tot plegat. Endavant Albert, que com tú n'hi ha pocs!! i gràcies per fer-nos partíceps d'un petit trocet de la teva gran aventura!! FORÇA!!!
Monica S.
22 November 2011
03:18 H
Hola Albert,

Poc em podia imaginar que el mail que et vaig enviar la setmana passada tingués uns efectes tan immediats i positius!!! Per ser-te sincera, no em pensava pas que l'haguessis pogut llegir, veient tot el percal que teníeu muntat aquí baix.... era perfectament comprensible.

Però resulta que no només el vas llegir, sino que el respons al blog, i a més a més, t'hi involucres a tope: és senzillament FANTASTIC!!!!!! Jo tampoc tinc paraules, estic igual que la Camila: no sé què dir!! ;-)

Com pots imaginar, tots tres estem encantats amb la idea, però sobretot la Camila. Ja veus que no cap en si mateixa de la il.lusió que li ha fet la notícia. Aquesta tarda xerrava una estona amb ella i m'ha dit que es feia creus de tal com havia començat l'any i de com l'acabaria (va començar encara amb el transplantament pendent i ara ja està trasplantada, i a més, té un projecte de CD en ferm).
Realment, l'any 2011 ha estat un any super-positiu per ella, esperem que el 2012 ho sigui encara més!! ;-)

Una abraçada molt forta i endavant!!! Aqui t'anem seguint tots de ben aprop, es increíble tot el que estas fent!!!! Tampoc tinc paraules...

Ho pots aconseguir, ho podem aconseguir!!!!

Mil petons xxx

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