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22 November 2011

Today I have not fallen asleep and I have given it a good 8 hours, plus an extra 15 minutes (Even though they don't pay extra hours here!). In total, 8h15 to only cover 15 Km.

At Union Glacier base to whom I speak every day for safety reasons, they tell me that taking into account the area I'm crossing at present time, this amount of Kilometres is very good; but they seem to me very few for the enormous effort I'm putting into it. Both yesterday and today have been tremendously complicated because of the surface area where I am to advance. Sastruguis, sastruguis, and more sastruguis. It has even been difficult to find a flat spot to set camp. This wears me down a lot and I expect this to change soon or I will end physically crushed before I know it. Find attached a photograph of my shadow projected in one the thousand Sastruguis I have been overcoming during the whole day.

I have always liked that Japanese proverb that goes: "A 1.000 mile journey is always started with a simple step". But today I was thinking that if I find the guy who came out with that one, I'll tie the sledge to his neck and throw it in the sea. I am not sure if I will do a 1.000 miles journey, but there is no simple step, not a single one!!

Let's go to the positive side of things: today I have completed the first of the 10 cycles of 4 Journeys of effective progress hat I set myself as target, in order to section this crazy project as a whole. With this first group of days, I already have the 10% done, and tomorrow I will begin with the next small group, which means I'm already working for the 20%. Now my mission is to complete this 4 days of effective journey, without thinking any further, otherwise I would get scared. And at the end of each of these cycles I'll allow myself a treat. Let's see if I can get all ten treats!!

Tomorrow I will also get over the first 100 Km. and according to what I have been reading and talking, it seems that everybody agrees that these are the worst moments of the passage... Hopefully it will be true and tomorrow becomes a bit more accessible.


Equip d'Instalgroup
23 November 2011
11:21 H
Espavila que el sopar d'empresa es el dia 9, creus que arribaras? et guardarem un lloc a la taula... Molts Ónims, molta forša i molta, molta sort de part de tot l'equip d'Instalgroup. Una abrašada.
Equip d'Instalgroup
Roser Godayol
23 November 2011
10:01 H
Molts Ónims Albert. Espero que puguis assolir la fita. LlÓstima que no ho podrÓs fer acompanyat del Carles.
Una abrašada!
23 November 2011
09:45 H
Molts Ónims Albert!!!! Des de l'oficina et llegim amb atenciˇ i et desitgem el millor!!

Molta energia positiva ;)
23 November 2011
02:46 H
Albert, te enviamos todo el positivismo, tu eres una persona con una gran fortaleza mental y sabes sobrellevar cualquier adversidad....esas peque˝as metas te van a llevar a ser un gran ejemplo para todos. Te estamos siguiendo y por favor siente que te estamos acompa˝ando todos los dias.

Te mando un fuerte y caluroso abrazo desde Colombia!!

Anna i Xavi
23 November 2011
02:02 H
└nims Albertutxu!!!
Nosaltres no ho veiem tant xungu, segueix les classes que et va donar en Javi el dia de la teva despedida, els passos que feia a la plaša de Vic i segur que millorarÓs el pas....jeje???
Va, conyes apart, disfruta cada pas, cada moment en aquest indret mÓgic, cada vista, cada esforš....
No pensis en el que et queda, pensa en el que estÓs fent. Ets el putu amo!!!

Pit i collons i demÓ una mica mes!!!

Una abrašada ben forta!!

Anna P. i Xavi
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