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23 November 2011

I'm paying dearly for this!!! Today has been back to 8h30 of journey, I was feeling in good form, and I have even suffered less than the previous day. But the final deception has been that I only covered 14,5 whereas yesterday I did 15 Km. in 7h30.

But the biggest problem that is worrying me now is that have both heels quite damaged with blisters that showed up three days ago. It is the backside of the heel the one who suffers most, as I am constantly pushing uphill, pulling a lot of weight and the friction between the heel and the boot is massive.

It has been now three days I have been getting by, but it has got to a stage where they hurt quite badly. The fact is that, for different logistic issues that I prefer not to go through, I don't have sticking plaster or Betadine to cure the blisters. For that reason you will see in the photograph I am using American tape. A surrealist botch in a situation like this. But one has to do what he can, and I'll try to sort it the best I can to carry on. If in the end, they get better, Bingo. And if they don't then it becomes a serious injury and a major problem, I'm screwed! In the meantime, to cope with the pain, especially when putting my boots on and cover the first 500 metres. As for now, the pain is still bearable, and I'm paying attention to how this thing evolves...

JL Garcia
25 November 2011
00:03 H
Estàs fet un McGiver tu amb la cinta americana....

Al seus peus senyor Bosch, encara que siguin tan poc "chics"!

Abraçades i forces!
24 November 2011
21:52 H
M'imagino el dolor, però recorda que tot acaba passant.
jordi -marcelino-
24 November 2011
20:05 H
Anims Albert ets un crak
Jaume Tolosa
24 November 2011
07:35 H
Ostres nano, cuida't els peus que són la mare dels ous!!!!
Però pensa que sempre val més un butllofa als peus que no pas als..., valgui la repugnància...

Ah, i cuida la Maria que amb lo que t'aguanta...

Vinga anims!!!!
Joan Cubí
24 November 2011
00:08 H
Molts ànims Albert! segur que això dels peus anirà a millor, i ben aviat començares a sumar mes Kms per dia.
Aquí tots et seguim en molta expectació, cada dia els nens en demanen "i L'Albert com esta?". i jo els dic dons com voleu que estigui AVANÇANT!
Dons ja saps ,malgrat els entrebancs que aniràs trobant FOT-LI CANYA!!!.

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