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From 25 October 2011 to 15 January 2012
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26 November 2011

Hours of journey: 8h30 - Accumulative: 89h30h
Km./Day: 14,5 - Accumulative: 158,1Km.
Days of progress: 12 (8 Solo) - Inactive Days: 15 (0 Solo) - Total Days: 27

Yesterday's last kilometres were a false expectation...Today the terrain has been terrible again. Sastruguis (deep holes in the ice shell carved by the wind), soft snow (I was starting to miss it) and other very strange parts, with plenty of holes. Among the ice and the holes, my sledge turned over 4 times (see the picture).

Besides, it has been a hard day because I had to change direction many times to get far from a dangerous zone, full of cracks. If normally you get as far as you can from cracks, when you are alone, you must be even more precautious.

In any case, good news is that my feet hold on to the adventure, the tent issue seems to be solved and the rest is going along well. Today I completed the second group of four days that I set to myself as a goal. So, I have 20% of my target, and tomorrow I will start another 30%. As a reward, I will call my mother. It has been a long time since I don't talk to her.

Yesterday I forgot to tell that I've changed from Parallel. Since yesterday, I am 81º Latitude. It's been hard, but at least I crossed a degree. Now there are only 9 to go until the South Pole.


To all the boys and girls that are following this adventure, some of them by themselves and others through their school.

I would like that this kind of challenge serve as an example to inspire boys and girls about effort, perseverance and ambition to reach their own goals, always respecting kids and the environment.

The more you study, the more you learn, the more freedom you will have to choose your future.

When you start to fly on your own, you will find yourselves in a complicated world. It has always been like that and it will always be this way. Throughout history, there are people that stand out and others just don't. You must choose what you want to be, and who you want to be. Because the world, beside of being complex, is also passionate and propose lots of opportunities to who wants to go for them.

If your ideas are clear and you have the will to go and get them, you can do whatever you want... if you work for it. Everyone wants nice things! But there is not enough people are ready to fight for them.

I wish you all a bright future!

Pep Segalés
30 November 2011
10:04 H
Som-hi valent!! Avui faré una demostració a la meva filla del fred que estàs passant: obriré el congelador i la posaré dintre una estona... (que no, que és broma!) Però el què sí que faré serà explicar-li ben bé tot el què estàs fent. Té una bola del món i li ensenyaré també el teu escrit. Espero que la propera vegada que et vegi et faci un petó tan gran com el dels teus fills!!
Una abraçada, amic!

el rusell i la kate
27 November 2011
22:04 H
cada dia despres de sopar, cumplim el nostre ritual de llegir la teva cronica i seguir els teus passos. Desde aqui tots empenyem una mica aquest trineu.. no ho notes?? Molts anims!!!!!!!!!!!
27 November 2011
21:39 H
Hola Albert,
sóc la Magalí,et desitjo molta sort i espero que t´ho estiguis passant molt bé!
Toti Llena Prats
27 November 2011
20:44 H
Veig que això de bolcar no és nomes en el àmbit de la vela, però veig que si no canvia la cosa li acabaràs pillant el troquilló com nosaltres que ja ho fem sense tocar l?aigua! Bueno Albert molts ànims i molta sort que estic més que segur que ho aconseguiràs!
Anna Nogue
27 November 2011
20:24 H
Hola Albert,
Finalment t he trobat!!! Com ja saps he estat durant molt temps seguinl l albert que no era, pero be ara que et segueixo de veritat, es que estic super enganxada amb el que fas, t haig de dir que durant el dia penso moltes vegades amb tu, en fi albert que et desitjo molta sort i que desde aqui a la plana entre tots t' enviem anims... Una abraçada
Anna Nogue
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