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From 25 October 2011 to 15 January 2012
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30 November 2011

Hours of journey: 8h45 - Accumulative: 125h30
Km./Day: 18 - Accumulative: 227,6Km.
Days of progress: 16 (12 Solo) - Inactive Days: 15 (0 Solo) - Total Days: 31

Same yesterday's pace, and if I had walked another hour I would have got myself to 20 Km. But today's journey has been a lot tougher, as the terrain was is absolutely exhausting and slow to move forward like this. For that reason I am happy to have covered 18 Km.

It has been a month now (31 days) that Carles and I set for the South Pole. It was on October the 30th, that the Twin Otter plane (see photo) dropped us at Hercules Inlet, right on the Antarctic coast.

It has been a very intense month, full of emotions, routines, efforts, discomforts, tensions, decisions, etc...But it has not been a month of great performance in terms of expedition progress. In fact, if we look at the figures, one becomes severely disheartened, and tries to find excuses to quit and spend Christmas at home. But this is no job for pessimists, and I'm sure , despite having advanced so little in this first month, things will get better, the terrain will be easier, and the daily distance covered, much longer.

As a matter of fact, I have been only capable of advancing 16 days (12 solo and 4 with Carles), and the other 15 we have been stuck in the tent (13 due to a wind and snow storm and 2 because of Carles heel injury until he got evacuated). In these 16 days I'm right at the edge of Latitude Parallel 82 (hope to cross sit tomorrow). So, I've only done 2 of the 10 I have to do.

Next month has to be much more profitable. And when it's finished, most likely is I will have not reached the South Pole, but if nothing happens, I will be much closer to my final target.

I face this second month with optimism and motivated, but also a bit down because this is a very long process and very tough because of the massive effort that is required and because of the weather conditions. Moreover, the homesickness factor is always a cause for physical and mental weariness, knowing that with Christmas ahead of us, it will be specially complicated.

Anyhow, I am determined to carry on. If I can keep that level of physical performance, the material stays ok and can make my food and fuel last, I believe that my mind will grant me with the necessary energy and tenacity to keep fighting.

Keep Fighting until the End!!!



JL Garcia
01 December 2011
17:36 H
Canya nano, i no et queixis tant que ja quasi arribes, et queda res collons, sembles els meus fills que només pujen al cotxe ja demanen quan falta....

Avui dedico el meu post a: ISDIN, quins grans productes farmacèutics! (Albert, entre tu i jo, hem de pensar ja en les properes aventures i sempre és bo mirar de quedar bé, no?)

Cuida't molt amic! Aaaaabraçades i cremes de sol!
01 December 2011
10:36 H
Va Albert que ja queda menys!!!!!
Ens va agradar molt la carta que vas dedicar als nens i nenes. Estem aprenent molt de tu: la teva força, la teva il·lusió, el teu esforç....i moltes coses més i que tenim moltes ganes de que ens ho vinguis a explicar.
Ànims, Albert, de part de tots nosaltres!!!!!!!!
01 December 2011
09:49 H
Anims Albert !!

L'any te més dies que llangonisses.... estic segur que a casa teva agrairan poder cel.lebrar dues vegades els Nadals, una quan toca i una altre quan tornis !!!

Records de Kivicom !!
01 December 2011
09:26 H
Molts ànims albert. Qué gran!
01 December 2011
04:11 H
Hola Albert. Soy Alvaro, amigo de Jose Arimany, y desde hace un mes fan tuyo total.

Tan solo quiero enviarte muchos animos para que continues. Ya has superado la peor parte del trayecto.

Animo, campeón. Te sigo a diario hasta el final.
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