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From 25 October 2011 to 15 January 2012
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11 December 2011

Hours of journey: 9h30' - Accumulative: 229h45
Km./Day: 29,6 - Accumulative: 485,3Km. Remaining to the South Pole: 659,9Km.
Days of progress: 27 (23 Solo) - Inactive Days: 15 (0 Solo) - Total Days: 42

Almost 30 Km. Superb! I'm very tired as I have gone pushing my limits all day long, but it has been worth it. On top of that, I'm already at 84º6´of latitude South, heading towards 85º, which if everything goes according to plan, I should be getting there on Wednesday the 14th, and celebrate Roald Amundsen 100th Anniversary of his arrival to the South Pole, right in the equator in terms of mileage.

In any case, I don't think it's going to be frequent to reach the 30 Km. mark in the next few days because it is difficult to find today's conditions which where perfect in all possible ways: Plenty of sun and excellent visibility, light breeze in the morning and almost zero wind in the afternoon; a very nice temperature (between 10 and 15 degrees below zero with sun and no wind) when you get used to it; good terrain conditions for almost the entire journey (I even got to ski , if you can ski when someone is pulling you from the back with all his power); I am felling strong with loads of energy (I'm happy to be in such condition after 23 days non-stop); and with a great fighting spirit, as I have woken up with the will of working hard to erase the negative sensations from the last two days, that did not help much.

If we calculate 9 hours of effective journey, deducting half an hour as the time accumulated when stopping over for food and drink which I tend to do every day, today the average speed comes to 3,3 Km/h.

3,3Km./h.... My god! What a crazy speed! That's what I call extreme!!
I hope it's true there is nobody living around here, that would mean no police. As for sure they would fine me big time for speeding. I should have installed an anti-radar system in the sledge! Alex (Crivillé): please get in touch with Jorge Lorenzo and Fernando Alonso and I bet you guys if you can cope with this massive speed for 9 hours. Let's see if you are not scared of the risks involved at such speed; let's see if you can cope with the enormous acceleration that the body goes through going from 0 to 3.3 Km/h. in about 12 seconds; let's see whether you cope with the eyes pressure caused by the strong winds...; let's see whether you can survive to the incredible centrifugal force pushing your brains out when on a sharp bend at that speed...; and above all, let's see if anybody sleeps on it, getting emotional at that speed its really weird!

On top of that I've got to an important deduction, after days of thinking about it; As I have plenty of time to think, and I'm continuously making calculations, and as I passed statistics (just about), I have got to a key conclusion: the days where I have "Chocolate Mousse" for dessert, are the ones that work better for me. Today, of course, it has been the Mousse day which I love so much, and may be the reason why I have been going flat out for the entire day...and I have checked it in my diary, and it happens the same with the past few days, where such treat was waiting at the end of the meal. In other words, it is an absolute demonstrable scientific conclusion, that the freeze-dried Chocolate Mousse it's essential food for any elite sportsmen or women after the physical exercise. I hope when I'm back to be published an article at the Nature Magazine about it.

Fine, stop talking bullshit, otherwise you'll start to think I've gone it's not, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh... Oé, Oé, Oé... Vinga, vinga, oé, oé, eh, eh...
- I'm Popeye the sailor man... (One day that I find myself fully energetic I can sing the tune! )
- Hurra for Donald Duck (Who speaks better than me and walks as clumsy as myself when finding Sastruguis!)
- Bugs Bunny for president!! (Hopefully he'll bring a bit more luck than the ones we've got...)
- .... and the Triplets, straight to work, they've grown up enough (if we have to get the country out of the crisis, what has to be done is to work, and not play-act like these ones living in a "fairy tale".)

(Albert: Stop typing and switch the computer off for christ sake! This people will think the worse...You'll put yourself in the spot...)
Apologies... my mind just gone for a bit...other high speed side effects, I suppose.

Have a good night...

...Ah... now I get it: I know now why I'm going nuts. Everyday I give you the good night, and here is never dark. Always, always, always there's day light. Now I've seen the problem...but no idea how to solve it, at least ´m keeping it under control!!

(Note: And the poor guy still got a few weeks to the South Pole...Get the straight jacket ready for his arrival.)


Voyager. Because their freeze-dried products are highly nutritious and taste really good (specially the Chocolate Mousse). Every day I have a pleasant dinner, the diet does not bore me in any way, and I feel I am resting and replacing the calories I need for the following day.

It's been a long time since I have chosen VOYAGER which I consume both in the mountains and in self sufficient Ultra marathons and strongly believe in their quality. Thanks ever so much for your support in this project.


Juan Kratzmaier
14 December 2011
17:31 H
Hola Albert,
Ayer descubri tu web mientras escribia un articulo sobre el centenario de Amundsen. Hoy a la mañana, desayunando con unos amigos, Marta Prat me dijo que eras amigo de su hermano. Ahora me tome un rato y acabo de leer tus dias 41 y 42, una de cal y otra de arena. Dame la orden y te mando un FedEx con mousses para que todos tus dias sean un 42. Te deseo mucha fuerza y mucha suerte en lo que te queda. Think flat! Un abrazo, Juan
12 December 2011
19:02 H
Ets lo puto crack, com mes dies passen mes en forma i encara tens temps per matemàtiques... Segur que els reis et portaran el repte.
Ni un pas enrera.
i disfruta.
una abraçada
David Lopez
12 December 2011
11:36 H
Vinga nano, endavant a tota màquina!
Ànims que el més dur segur que ja ha passat, a hores d'ara ja tens més seguidors que en Bisbal. Cada dia que passa tens l'objectiu i la tornada a casa més aprop. No baixis la guardia i aguanta que això és difícil de repetir i no te precedents.
Quan tibar el trineu per zones complicades et desmoralitzi pensa que estas fent un bon entrenament per poder tibar el Kayak, carregat en un mar d'aigua ple de sastruguis convertits en onades. Segur que vas millor a peu que nadant, oi? doncs no et desesperis que això no és res. Vinga que ja he començat a moure fils.

Força i lliscades desde Sant julià. Una forta abraçada.
Mònica Palencia
12 December 2011
10:48 H
Aquesta barreja d'ingredients d'alegria, positivisme, humor i una bona dosi de mousse de xocolata, és la recepta perfecta perque gaudexis tu i perque també gaudim nosaltres... I ara a per el 85º.
Jordi Conca
12 December 2011
09:58 H
Bon dia, Albert,
Endavant des de Manresa un RipollBages, que et segueix i que està molt satisfet de que un Ripollès estigui superant aquest gran repte. Properament ens veurem, una forta abraçada.

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