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From 25 October 2011 to 15 January 2012
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13 December 2011

Hours of Journey: 9h30' - Accumulative: 248h45
Km./Day: 29,5 - Accumulative: 545,4Km. Remaining to the South Pole: 599,8Km.
Days of progress: 29 (25 Solo) - Inactive Days: 15 (0 Solo) - Total Days: 44

Today's stage has been very similar to the last two days until the last quarter. The first ¾ have been on good terrain conditions allowing me to go at a good pace, but it's turned out to get messy again...not as bad as other days, only the surface was not as flat as I thought it would be. It has been tougher to do the last two hours the rest of the day. In the end I managed to surpass my target of 28 Km. getting to 29,5 Km., but I'm concerned about the fact of finding the "normal" terrain conditions in the next few days and not reaching enough mileage. I hope and expect that the conditions of these last few days are not an exception.


During yesterday's stage I broke the mileage record, but I almost fainted as I was starving. In fact, during the last three hours of my journey I was seeing images of restaurants where I was ordering delicious dishes as many times as I wanted, and thinking about having them in front of me. It was a bit of a torture and I ended up a bit dizzy.

As a result, once set in the tent I started to gobble down with no respect for the routine I am used to, with daily amounts and meal variety. But the fact is that this morning I was feeling very good after last night's large meal, and I have improved my overall status during today's journey and the food mirages have disappeared.

What I take from it is I should eat more, as it's not the first time that I have felt weak during the traverse. I am always hungry, really, and I would always eat more after the main meal.

For that reason, and in order not to go mad with the food, I have taken all my food out and I've made a detailed inventory. I have written down exactly what and how much do I have of everything.

The result appears to be much better than expected. I have really more than enough. Therefore, from now on, assuming I could be in the South Pole between the first and the tenth of January, and always leaving a minimum margin of reserves, I have reconsidered all the meal business so I can eat far more. Today I've had a square meal again, and I will keep doing so until Christmas. Then, judging by how I am progressing and if I have a stop over some day, I have enough margin to rethink the diet program and make it last longer. Fact is I have to go adjusting in order to match my daily intake with the food left, which in the end I have to eat and make the most of it as well as not leaving any food left over in the end. It would be fatal to starve, but it would be far worse to starve and having loads of food left over when finished!


My fellow Colombians at the Everest Expedition in 2010, and to all the followers-collaborators who came to meet them (we call them "lobuches" amongst us).

Now that I am so lonely that I think a lot about the group we formed in that expedition, with a great bunch of funny people and with an overwhelming human touch. I'm in contact with most of them and with some we have come to true friendship.

Juan Pablo, Nelson, Tono, Rafa and Carolina (Expedition Members), and all the Lobuches: Thanks for the amount of quality time we had together in one of the world's nicest places in the world, chasing together the objective of climbing the world's highest mountain. I will never forget any of the seconds we lived so intensely on that spring of 2010, and I guarantee you that during my long hours of lonely march in the antarctic ice, I am thinking a lot about you.

Juan Pablo: I want you to know that the real reason for my traverse to the South Pole, is because I've been told that I will find someone there, a nice gentleman with a briefcase full of money, and ready to bet for Caro until the end. I've got to get there whatever it takes, and see if in the end we do some good business. Remember: Mi service fee is of 10%, but in this case, and being such a huge effort to go walking to the Pole, I'll raise it to a 15%.


Maria Victoria
16 December 2011
00:30 H
Albert Bosch, un hombre, un aventurero, un soñador, un "cabro catalán" un berraco!!! Desde aquí te acompañamos y nos alegramos de que mantengas tu buen humor!!! Ánimo y sigue alimentándote bien!! Gracias por pensar en nosotros en medio de tu travesía!! Te seguimos con mucha expectativa!!
Carolina Ahumada
15 December 2011
22:16 H
Jaaajaaa ja Albert !!
Gracias por mantener la fé en la subasta !! Será que mi futuro está en el Polo Sur ? =) Porque ahora estoy en Suiza, aún más lejos que antes !!
Pero qué bueno que estés allá porque así vamos a salir de la duda !!

Me alegra que te acuerdes de nosotros, siempre estamos acompañándote y mandándote toda la energía para que logres tu objetivo !!! Te espera una gran comitiva, esta vez mucho más grande que la del Everest =) Mucha fuerza y te acompañoo en tu travesía, esta vez desde las blancas montañas de los Andes !
Abrazos !! CAro y familia!
14 December 2011
10:45 H
Et segueixo a diari Albert, t´animo a que segueixis amb aquest bon ritme que portes. Pots aconseguir-ho, i tots sabem que ho lluitaràs amb totes les teves forces.
Una forta abraçada.
14 December 2011
09:36 H
Albert te sigo a diario, aprovechando que hoy hablas de comida, piensa que cuando llegues el "arroz amb cabra" esta garantizado (con el consentimiento de Maria).
Animos campeon que lo estas haciendo muy bien,seguro que lo lograras como has logrado todos los demas retos.
Un abrazo.Crack.
14 December 2011
09:19 H
Bon profit i som-hi!
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