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From 25 October 2011 to 15 January 2012
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15 December 2011

Hours of Journey: 9h30' - Accumulative: 267h45
Km./Day: 28,2 - Accumulative: 604,3Km. Remaining to the South Pole: 540,9Km.
Days of progress: 31 (27 Solo) - Inactive Days: 15 (0 Solo) - Total Days: 46

I was building up my hopes to get to the 14th of December and have a great journey celebrating the Amundsen arrival for the first time to the South Pole. But, unfortunately, I have celebrated it the Antarctic way, with a tough and very cold journey. Right now, I'm typing this chronicle inside my sleeping bag as I'm completely shivery as it's very cold inside the tent and because the suffering of today's journey.

Concerning today's stage, everything has been normal during the first four hours, but the it started to get cloudy and I have struggled quite a bit during the last 3 hours, as I could not see a thing, nor the relief, and with these conditions it is impossible to keep a decent pace. I have also felt a bit dizzy after so many hours of looking a metre ahead of my skis all the time.

The thing is, it's about DOUBLE OR HALFS. We tough today was the day Carles and I would reach the South Pole, and right now I'm exactly half way there; and by the looks of it, if everything goes according to plan, I will get there half the time that went since Amundsen conquered the South Pole to Captain Scott (already defeated) getting there. We also thought we would reach the equator of this traverse both of us and now it's just half the team it begun 46 days ago And the fact is that this expedition is twice as tough as I thought it would be, therefore, in case I reach the South Pole it will have twice the value for me.

It has not been possible to reach the South Pole for the Jubilee celebrations, but it is also nice to live it on my way there, and giving homage to Amundsen and the Antarctica, suffering and putting maximum effort into it, bearing always in mind, that even happening 100 years ago, in this still almost pure, hard, uncertain and extreme and beautiful as those pioneering adventurers dared to defy.


Obviously, I can only dedicate today's journey to Roald Amundsen and his 4 colleagues that reached the South Pole, and I don't know why nobody talks about them. These are: Oskar Wisting, Olav Bjaaland, Sverre Hassel, Helmer Hanssen.

They were a type of daring people, who would face challenges that no one ever had attempted. NO past stories, no Plan B, no rescue operations, communications, and all of that in an age where there was a lot of unknown places to be discovered.

To those who like adventures, the maximum we can achieve is to live very intense experiences but will never get as close as that spirit of adventure of the past.

ramon prior
17 December 2011
19:21 H
Anims Albert estem segurs que ho conseguiràs !!!!!!!!!!

Ens varem coneixer en unes jornades d'empresa a Sant Joan Despí i recordo la teva primera frase "Mai fa bon vent per qui no sap on va". Es clar. Et seguim a diari.

16 December 2011
10:29 H
Ara que ja passem del 50 % ... va sent hora de fer la revisió a la moto de neu, no t' oblidis de fer els canvis d'oli , de tensar la corretja i de netejar la bujia. La mecànica també s' ha de cuidar !!!!

Gas !!!!
JL Garcia
16 December 2011
00:48 H
Albert, avui un post molt curt perquè tinc una son que no m'aguanto, però que sàpigues que sóc aquí a l'altra banda. Que dormis bé somniant amb l'Scott, l'Amundesen i els gossets. Nanit!

Anna Vergés
15 December 2011
23:52 H
Hola Albert, Sóc l'Anna de la girona , i desde aquí et donem tot el suport del món mundial. Molts petons. ETS GENIAL.
15 December 2011
23:50 H
puto cack!!!!!!!!!.....sin perros

ánimo y muchísima suerte

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