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From 25 October 2011 to 15 January 2012
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20 December 2011

SUNDAY 18/12:

Hours of journey: 9h30' - Accumulative: 306h45
Km./Day: 26,5 - Accumulative: 708Km. Remaining to the South Pole: 448,2Km.
Days of progress: 35 (31 Solo) - Inactive Days: 15 (0 Solo) - Total Days: 50

A bit better, but with so many bends that a mouse would not find the way out in a laberinth... It's still continuous uphill, but it was much lighter than yesterday; and I kept finding larger areas of hard snow but going in zigzag all the time.

I've done 26,5Km. only 1,5Km. more than yesterday, but I ended up less tired and that is important. In all honesty, with the amount of curves I have to make to find hard snow areas, surely I must have done some more Km, but I count the distance in relation what I have left to get to each waypoint on my GPS, then I have an idea of the effective distance that i actually have covered, and the one left.

No matter how, I can be happy, as I've just passed Parallel 86, ant he exact way I forecast when I calculated the last route plan. I'm already heading now towards Parallel 87 where I should get there by Thursday the 22nd, and then push my self harder!!

MONDAY 19/12:

Hours of journey: 9h45' - Accumulative: 316h30
Km./Day: 24,3 - Accumulative: 732,3Km. Remaining to the South Pole: 423,9Km.
Days of progress: 36 (32 Sol) - Inactive Days: 15 (0 Solo) - Total Days: 51

Maybe it is true I'm going to believe all this thing of going to the South Pole was worth it. Every Kilometre, every day has a very high price. Again, I ended up completely exhausted, after finding soft snow all the way and not even with zig zags I've been able to fins hard snow areas.

Despite the flat terrain, the sledge friction with that type of snow is hell, and to do 24,3Km. I have had to pull with a constant and brutal effort. If you look at the picture you will see the marks on the snow, not only of my skis but of the sledge body.

If it's going to be like that for long, I will have to start revising the calculations for my arrival date, as it's going to be delayed for sure. And as I've been 32 days non stop, I don't want to push myself very much and run out of energy for the rest of the traverse. I rather do the hours I have planned for each day, and depending how the snow condition is, push myself further or not.



Yesterday (Saturday) I had a very pleasant surprise. The President of Catalonia has sent a message to my wife, giving me support and his admiration for the challenge I'm undertaking.

Political questions aside, It means a lot to me and is of great satisfaction that the maximum representative of Catalonia, openly express his support. And specially in these moments, where one is all alone, in such remote land, to get all your messages is really important for me, and with a letter from Artur Mas, it fills me with joy, pride, energy, and it makes me feel I must be doing something good, right?

Many thanks Mr. President. I hope to reach the South Pole and contribute with my project to bring Catalonia a remaining achievement.



To all patients who are waiting to have an organ transplant or have had one. Today TV3 from Catalonia has dedicated their charity campaign to the research about tissue and organ transplant and they invited me to take a brief part in it, live, by means of a satellite phone connection.

You can still make your donation... the phone lines are still open. Make up your mind and to those of you who haven't donated yet, please do!

Leaving aside my small collaboration with them, I feel very identified with this group, because of my relation with Camila Vargas whom I introduced to you a few days ago. She's had a double lung transplant, and I'm amazed because although she's been suffering all her life, she never lost hope and will to push her projects forward. And her main one is to become a singer. It was for that reason that we helped her to record her first song last year, so I am fully committed to record an album during 2012. To join Camila in this project and as a copilot this time, will be my next big adventure.

Just a nuance: I'm not into this disc project with Camila for pity or to be charitable for all her suffering during her delicated situation. If it was only for that, it wouldn't be enough to help her a bit and do something to raise her spirits. I have fully committed to this project because I do think she really has got talent, because she has an amazing energy, and she is a clear example of if one has to go through any however hard situation in life, if you have hopes, projects, and fight to reach them, all the circumstances will be overcomed.

I know some who should have a brain transplant to see, if, instead of being comfortable at complaining, victimising and being inactive, it changes the attitude and moves on, instead of expecting that others or even society will sort his problems out for him.

21 December 2011
13:50 H
Collons !!

ara ja no " estires el trineu "
ara l ' arrossegues"..... com qn fas trial !! jjjj

Dosifica el cos i la ment ... fes un " KIT-kat "...
reposa un xic !!!

....i si cal ja aplaçarem els 3dts.

ànims de tots els del MCA.

Gas !!!!
Agustí Fajula
21 December 2011
10:30 H
Qui et va parir, ets el "gros", ahir ja em feies patir sense crònica.
Guarda forces per venir a estassar que deus dur uns 6 o 7 anys sense agafar el podai, amb l'excusa de les teves aventures ens toca als altres netejar el teu tros ;-)
Com diria la iaia, abriga't que no agafis fred.
Ànims, pateix i si no trobes la neu prou dura has de mirar d'excitar-la fins que passi de "morcillona" a "palote", que se t'ha d'explicar tot collons...

Va nano, metre a metre...
21 December 2011
10:27 H
Para los que trabajan,para los que no quieren trabajar, para los vagos, para los nini( ni foto ni brot, ni clavaré.. mai un clau), para los que dicen que tranbajan, para aquellos que nunca tienen tiempo, para los estresaos del sofing, para los espavilaos que se crean muu putas, para los envidiosos,para los celosos , para aquella pandilla de maricones que siempre andan tocando los cojones,... os presento mi amigo Albert . Seguidlo y a lo mejor entendereís algo del trabajo.
Uff com em desfogo si insulto amb castellà !! sembla més directe i efusiu .
petonets currante
john d
21 December 2011
09:30 H
Dark, grey and wet here in Devon this morning - thinking of you in 24 hours of daylight! Enjoy and a light heart, life is good !!
Josep M.
21 December 2011
00:22 H

el que estas fent es...


ets el meu ídol
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