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24 December 2011

Hours of journey: 10h - Accumulative: 356h
Km./Day: 29,3 - Accumulative: 838,1Km. Remaining to the South Pole: 318,14Km.
Days of progress: 40 (36 Sol) - Inactive Days: 15 (0 Sol) - Total Days: 55
Position: S 87º 15,700' - W 081º 48,641'

A GOOD JOURNEY: It's been a long time since I could not do such a good stage like todays. The wind has stopped completely just before departure, temperature was quite good (-10 and -15ºC), visibility conditions ok without much sun, and the terrain was hard, at last! I have found three slopes with very irregular surfaces and some very big ones with sastrugis, but I left them behind soon and I've been able to keep a good rhythm during the whole day. About time! I can't get overconfident now, theoretically I will find complicated zones until Parallel 88...

I'm a bit short with regards my calculations made a few days ago, but I'm still on track, and within the averages and estimations set Bearing this in mind, and taking todays stage, day 24 (you will be reading this chronicle then), I have 11 days of journey left to the South Pole. That means, tomorrow, Christmas day, I will have 10 days remaining....which means countdown. From day 25: 10, 9, 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, and target accomplished. Maybe I'm hold up and I have to stutter one or more numbers to repeat them, but, in principle, I assume that these are the dates I have to meet.

Today, during the stage, I've been thinking about the rest day issue. Obviously if I have a day with extreme bad weather I will have to stop, but even so, I have decided to take a day off to rest, and I even know which one will be: the day I get on the flight to Barcelona!!!... If nothing happens, I'm not stopping until I bash the South Pole metallic sphere with my teeth.

But as you know: Here (as everywhere), todays all too cool and the next day I'll be crying for some problem. But tomorrow will be another day, and now I have to take advantage of this positive energy to the max.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS: When you read this, it will be probably the day 24 and I will be doing that day stage. And in the evening of the 24 I will not write the day chronicle. The next one will be Sunday 25th at night, so, the web will be updated during Monday 26th in the morning.

It's not that I am being lazy writing a chronicle for Christmas eve, but I thought it would be good to do it for the following reasons:

1) Montse Bertran (responsible for updating the web daily), will be able to rest at least for Christmas day.
2) Oliver Vallès, who's translating the chronicles in English will also have a day's rest.
3) You (the usual ones), will also be able to rest for a day and will not feel indigested like you do with the nougats on these days.
4) I will have more time during the evening talking with all my family.
5) I'm avoiding the risk of giving you a sever dead boring sentimental speech, as being down here all alone on Christmas eve, half frozen in my sleeping bag, writing a chronicle, could be terrible. I am already being a real pain with the amount of stuff I'm coming to you with, last thing you want is a written text in such special day and in such isolated situation.

I hope that when you log back in, I will be counting the journeys left in units, leaving behind the tens, twenties, thirties, etc...

I have been thinking for quite some time about the Christmas Eve menu...I have chosen the best of what's left and it goes as follows:
- Appetizer: Camembert cheese I have been keeping aside for this day (last one)
- Starter: Sopinstant mushroom soup from Gallina Blanca
- First Main course: Potato puree with meat
- Second Main course: Pasta Bolognese
- Dessert: Chocolate mousse (had to be there)
- Nougat: Xixona and egg
- Drink: A Estrella Damm (four of which had, now falls a)

It's not that bad, right?... You can see me in the picture quite happy with the nougats ready. If anybody hasn't got a plan for Christmas, is more than welcome to come and have dinner here in my tent... You know the menu, but whoever is coming, please bring a scarf and a hat over, another Estrella just in case.

Make the most out of these holidays, as to be able to be with your family around is of great value, and I'm saying it all alone, over the Parallel 87, sleeping on top of more than 2Km. of ice.



Baby Jesus. Who was incredibly lucky not to be born in the Antarctica as he would have needed 2.000 donkeys and 2.000 cows to warm up a bit....(not many cattle around here...). And not a single peasant would have come to adore him, because they would have been as slow as I have been and he would have been already crucified, poor little chap. The angel would have bunked off as flying around here would freeze hi swings, and could cost him a pneumonia. And the kings would have gone the wrong route for two obvious reasons: the first one, is the Camels don't speak Antarctic, and they would freeze the water in their hump. And the second one is that having 24hours of daylight, there would no possible way to see the start that was supposed to guide them.

You see now, if Latitude and Longitude are important. I couldn't imagine if they messed up with the coordinates in the most celebrated birth of mankind...It would have been mayhem!

Merry Christmas!











29 December 2011
11:54 H
Ànims Albert!!!
Des de Sant Joan, t'anem seguint!!!!
27 December 2011
15:48 H
d'un vell amic de Mataró. Amb molta admiració. Anims Albert!
27 December 2011
13:05 H

Tal com diu en Xavier Samsó llegir el teu bloc és un dels grans moments del dia. També l'he fet córrer i l'he donat a conèixer a molta gent, Em fa una il·lusió especial compartir-lo amb l'Adrià, que és el meu fillol i nebot. Ara està descobrint 'apassionant món de la muntanya i tot el que significa estar en contacte amb la natura. Ets tot un referent per a ell
També t'agraeixo que puguem compartir amb tu els teus pensaments, els teus maldecaps, el teus reptes i menjades d'olla, bromes, etc. És fantàstic!
Gràcies, gràcies, gràcies i ENDAVANT!!!

26 December 2011
15:25 H
Hola Campeon!
Fantastico, solo te quedan pocos dias por llegar. Cuando vuelvas seguro que te fichan como ministro de deportes!
Ya que sabemos todo sobre tu material, la navegacion, la comida, el pipi, a ver si nos explicas un poco si has ligado ! Alguna pinguina habra caido supongo?
Venga toda catalunya tiene los ojos mirando "down under".
Un abrazo y feliz año nuevo!
xavier samsó
26 December 2011
12:39 H

Seguir el bloc ja s'ha convertit en un dels grans moments del meu dia. De cada dia. És acollonant com ens arribes, amb quina força, saviesa i amb aquest humor impagable.

Seguint els teus comptes avui és el dia 10. Així doncs, avui enviaré l'enllaç del blog a 10 amics que potser encara no et coneixen, i els esperonaré a animar-te en el compte enrerra cap al sud!

Company, el què estàs fent em té enamorat (tranqui que no canviaré de gustos). Abans d'ahir vaig sortir amb l'Oriol i el Turi a fer un tomet, i t'imaginava tibant el trineu a cada pas que feia amb els esquí, gairebé com si et vulgués ajudar amb el meu esforç a seguir avançant.

Moltes gràcies per les cròniques, moltes gràcies per comparir amb nosaltres aquesta aventura, moltes gràcies per fer-nos més valents.

Fins aviat !!!! 10,9,8,7,......
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