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From 25 October 2011 to 15 January 2012
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26 December 2011

Hours of Journey: 10h - Accumulative: 375h45'
Km./Day: 23,3 - Accumulative: 887,2Km. Remaining to the South Pole: 269,10Km.
Days of progress: 42 (38 Solo) - Inactive Days: 15 (0 Solo) - Total Days: 57
Position: S 87º 41,977' - W 082º 22,279'

How was Christmas? Good? I'm very happy for you, but I can't really say the same. I'm not referring to the homesickness factor, or the loneliness I have been through, as it has been ok on that front and I have felt with loads of support from everybody, eaten well and all good. I'm talking about the last two journeys, they have been very hard and complicated.

If anybody would have wanted to make me an "anti depression" test, surely would have done it these two previous days to Christmas, when one can be mentally weak for being away from home and alone in Christmas. Honestly, both journeys, on the 24th I did 25,8 Km. and on today's one I've done 23,3, have been the worst of all journeys.

Plenty of sastruguis, and an absolute irregular terrain, with constant uphill. Yesterday I found giant sastruguis and to go over was a nightmare as I worried I could break the sledge or injure myself when overcoming them. Today they were a bit smaller, but more complex to avoid them. To do any progress these last two days has consumed a lot of energy for such small performance.

And on top of everything, I have gone through the most dangerous situation in this traverse. Yesterday I had marked in the GPS possible crevices, but indicated more towards South from where I found it. And without knowing it, I found myself caught in an area with plenty of crevices, small and not so small ones... As it was the end of the day and I had 9h45 on my back, I had no energy left to get out of there so I tried to find a safe and appropriate area to put the tent up. Funny enough I found the morning after a little crevice right outside the tent...I have practically slept on top of it. But the problem has been to get out of that area during the morning. Following very carefully my course I found a massive crevice (see the photo), which I couldn't find a way to cross. So I kept following it towards west for quite some time but I could not find a safe place to cross. I had to walk for about 3Km. more to cross it safely. From there on I have avoided a few more, until I reach a safe area after a couple of hours. I hope not to find more for the rest of the expedition.

There you go... like the 23rd Dec. Chronicle... one day you're laughing and the other you're crying for any problem!



To all of those who had to work for Christmas Day. Here's my support to you, as I have also been working like an animal during these last two days.

josep formatgé costa
31 December 2011
10:05 H
Quin començament d'any!!!!!!, al Polo Sur i en solitari.
ja ho tens els teus nassos, anims i que el 2012 segueixi sent un any de exits.

fins aviat. J.F.C.

Maria Roca
30 December 2011
13:21 H
Ànims, bona entrada d'any i ens veiem per Sant Joan ben aviat. Tornaràs triumfant !!!!
Daniel Blabia
28 December 2011
11:28 H
Bon dia Albert,
m'agradaría escriure tant bé com tu i poder escriure una mena de text balsàmic per la teva esquena cansada, pels teus genolls adolorits i per la teva agarrotada musculatura.
Reconec que no sóc un dels teus mes fidels seguidors (per sort teva) doncs pel nombre de comentaris i per sort teva tens grans i fidels amics que et donen molt de suport. Això em porta a dos comentaris, el primer que és desmentir la creença de que els esportistes extrems sou gent solitària. De fet penso que només qui té els arrels ben posades pot allunyar-se tant com vulgui doncs el retorn li serà fàcil... i la segona és que la meva visió desde fora d'aquest cercle íntim em permet dir-te que a mitja Catalunya està seguint la teva aventura per les notícies, per la Vanguardia i pels mails (jo ja n'he rebut un parell de gent amb l'enllaç al teu blog. De fet, crec que la nova terminal de l'aeroport de BCN quedarà curta per la teva rebuda ;-)

Per cert, aquestes són dates del París Dakar i a ben segur que tant la teva ment com el teu cap s'ho deuen estar pasant d'allò pipa recordant i simulant com encarar aquests sastruguis al més pur estil mottard pel desert, oi?

En fi, una sincera abraçada i molts ànims!!!
27 December 2011
14:01 H
La Locomotora de les Neus segueix tirant!!!
Ànims, molts ànims!!!
Marc Coma
27 December 2011
12:59 H
Anims Albert, nosaltres tambe cap treballar un miqueta, t'intentare seguir aquest dies.
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