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29 December 2011

Hours of journey: 10h - Accumulative: 405h45'
Km./Day: 26,4 - Accumulative: 962Km. Remaining to the South Pole: 194,2Km.
Days of progress: 45 (41 Solo) - Inactive days: 15 (0 Solo) - Total Days: 60
Position: S 88º 22,275' - W 082º 11,602'

I have been able to cover a bit more distance than yesterday with the same amount of hours, and that helps to reduce the distance I have with the delay towards the South Pole on the 3rd of Jan. In any case, I'll try and compensate a bit more to accomplish what I've planned, which means 6 journeys from tomorrow (Day 29), and if I can't, then I'll have a spare day anyway.

Today has not been a typical day in Antarctica. Not sure if it is Fools day or what but the truth is it has been a journey full of surprises which I'll quickly explain:

6h35: The cooking stove and melt snow breaks down. Try to see what it is, and I can't get it working. Luckily I had a spare one in the sledge, problem solved.

12h40: A plane flies over my head. Not at much altitude, and it is clear that is heading South Pole. I think it's the plane they have at Union Glacier Base to go to the that case it may be the one who's going to take me back when I get there. It's the first ´thing´ I see since Carles left and I continued solo. Bear in mind that I haven't seen any commercial planes flying at high altitude, nor the tail they leave behind in the sky. Above Antarctica there is no air commercial traffic, even at this is a special area.

13h25: I loose balance when overcoming a small sastrugui, and to get the balance back I push my weight towards the left stick. This one breaks, and apart of losing my pole stumbles and fall. Fortunately I also have a spare pair from ´Gabel´ courtesy of Sporttotal. Another problem solved.

15h50: I bump across some traces a few times. I was really impressed at the time, as it was the first physical signal, GPS aside, that I was on the right track and I wasn't going towards Saragossa. They were from two persons, and probably the two Australians who I knew are following the same route as mine and that are a few days ahead of me. I have been able to follow them for a while until they faded away in the snow carried by the wind.

17h45: The bomb!! I find the first person since I was left alone. Suddenly I see a black spot in the horizon, in the same direction where I'm heading to. As I'm getting closer it looks clearly that is a person coming in opposite direction. It happened to be the English girl that Xavier Carles mentioned in one of the posts. When we. When we crossed each other we fell into each other's arms and she tells me she's doing the route the other way round, having started at Rose Ice Shelf, through the South Pole and finishing in the coast at Hercules Inlet. She says that with the same days and effort as regards to our route, many more Km., are covered, as Rose Ice Shelf is on Latitude 85º 20´and the positive drop until the South Pole is not very important, and then to the coast is a soft slope. She calculated about 20 days to the South Pole and 25 to the coast, but she also had a 5 days delay. It's really cool to be such brave girls, isn't it? The photo at the top of the text, is the one we took with Felicity.

Well you see, a hectic day for what's normal in these lands. On the one hand I'm happy to see different things and the firsts indications of human life: a plane, traces, a person; which means I'm getting very close to the South Pole (It would have been very difficult to coincide with Felicity 10 days ago, as any small distance turns much bigger far away from here). But on the other hand, I'm also sorry to know of other signs of presences. I wouldn't have minded to find anything or anybody, but you lose that charm I was telling you about yesterday, to be so many days absolutely isolated of any human contact or civilization. But I guess I have already a good dose of isolation, and now I have to look at the positive side, and that is that I'm very close to my final destination.

Luis Horcajuelo, Belen Ballabriga, Beatriz PEREZ del Molino e Iñigo Babot
01 January 2012
10:42 H
Feliz año, Albert!!

Es increíble: lo vas a conseguir tu solo y con casi todo en contra!! Hace 40 días parecía una locura seguir, nos preguntábamos que podía pasar (con preocupación, todo hay que decirlo ) y ahí estas, contra todo pronostico!!!! QUE HUEVAZOS!!!

Estamos todos orgullosisimos de ti y queríamos FELICITARTE A LO CAMPEÓN Y DESEARTE TODO UN 2012 tan glorioso como el que vas a tener cuando llegues al Polo Sur!!!

30 December 2011
09:39 H
Albert t´aconsello que facis una mica de temps per aqui i no vulguis tornat tan ràpit.No t´hem acabat les obres i encara ens fotaràs alguna bronca. Que els anims que em donaveu en els meus momrnts dificil t´els pugui tornar amb l´energia suficient per acabar . MOLTA SORT
lluis mata
30 December 2011
09:19 H
Hola crack,
avui t'envio una nadala de collita pròpia. Crec que pot ser adient tenint en compte que tens companyia i que l'amic jordi R dubte de si és home o dona:
Per Nadal, cada ovella al seu corral
I per Sant Esteve cadascú a casa seva
O no...
Si entrada la fosca nit
En el silenci de la neu glaçada
Trobes forat en un altre llit
No badis! Conquesta la flassada
Serà una bella dama
Amb els peus freds arraulida
A l?espera d?un valent
Que li trobi la guarida
O no...
Potser serà un pelut bergant
Amb espasa dura i tibant
d?olor espessa i amatent.
Déu meu quin espant!
Contrau les natges, innocent
o perds l?honor a finals d?any
O no...
Potser sonen les campanes
Potser entres al paradís
No sabies ni gosaves
I amb la neu i les nadales
S?il.lumina i neix l?encís
Apa doncs..
Riu, plora, xiula o canta
Envesteix, recula o salta
Cuixa fina de setí
O barba dura d?animal
Que esplèndid és Nadal!
Tria remena i toca
La nit fosca dissimula
El fred, el glaç i la lluna
Brinden tremenda l?aventura.

Apa, una forta abraçada. Ja gairebé o tens.
30 December 2011
09:19 H
Albert !! que això s´acaba, arribes al objectiu en pocs dies ! estàs a punt de fer el darrer quart ! que ho disfrutis molt perque potser aviat ho trobes a faltar ! Montse
jaume tolosa
30 December 2011
09:12 H
Hola Vailet,
com et deia, ahir varem fer el jungle-sopar-sense tu però sàpigues que vares estar present a la conversa, sobretot a mida que queien ampolletes de vi, i principalment a la que varem començar a fotre ma dels gin-tonics...i finalment varem arribar a la conclusió que ja estaves prou fotut del terrat com per imaginar com quedaràs després de tants dies de gel sense gin, però que tenim clar que queda pendent un altre jungle-sopar-aquest amb tu, perquè ens expliquis tota la teva aventura

Anims que ja acabes!!!
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