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From 25 October 2011 to 15 January 2012
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31 December 2011

Hours of journey: 10h15 - Accumulative: 426h
Km./Day: 25,6 - Accumulative: 1.009,1Km. Remaining to the South Pole: 147,1Km.
Days of progress: 47 (43 Solo) - Inactive days: 15 (0 Solo) - Total Days: 62
Position: S 88 º 47,595 '- W 082 º 35.292'

Today it has been completely opposite to what it was yesterday. I got out of the tent with serious cold and wind and a very reduced visibility (about 50 meters). I've put on the heavy anti-cold artillery, and off I went.

Whilst taking down thetent and preparing the sledge I have felt much cold on my fingertips, as I cannot manipulate anything with the big extreme mitten from Izard, and I use a less thermal ones (the ones on the photo).

Then the day has divided itself into three parts: The first one, very cold, windy and with not much visibility, but I could push better than yesterday, where I could not see a thing and I was coping fine with the cold as I was well protected with all the tech gear I was equipped with. The second part was pretty good with a nice temperature with the gear I was wearing, the sun has appeared for a while, and temperature has risen. And the third and last part, the sky was almost cleared, sun has warmed me up quite a bit and the wind slowed down quite substantially and I got too hot walking with too many clothes on.

Be as it may, quite a decent journey with regards to the Km. covered, making me feel happier and more motivated than yesterday, that leads me to assume , weather allowing, that I have to be able to reach the South Pole in 5 days, including the journey of the 31st.5 days of countdown pretty realistic, but not for free. It's always possible to be delayed for another day, but it shouldn't happen.

Tomorrow, with a little bit of luck I'll sleep on Latitude 89º. It will be nice to be able to celebrate the New year right at the doorstep of the last parallel of the planet's southern hemisphere, and knowing that the next degree is already the S90º00,000´...the South Pole.

Besides, I have beaten the 1.000 Km. mark, and I have less than 150, and I'm at 2.570m high, only 85 below the South Pole.

Everything looks fine. Spirits are at a maximum and getting better every day as I get close to the final objective. I'm at the extremity of my strength, but I ´m getting through without any major problems. 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1... and maybe I will have reached the South Pole.


As my tomorrow's chronicle (day 31st) will be sent at about 2AM, may I take this opportunity to wish you a happy new year. Have a good 2012 in all aspects and enjoy tonights party.

As per what happened to me in Christmas, I'll be alone in such special day. But the fact of having perfectly clear on target the last degree South of the Earth, it makes me feel so happy and motivated despite having to be so far away from my family and friends. But is now that I am confident enough to achieve it, makes me understand that this sacrifice of being away at Christmas, will at least, be worth it.

I will celebrate the coming of the New Year at the same time back home, which will be 20h in Antarctica. In fact, one of the advantages of being alone and have sunlight all day, is that I can choose the hour it suits me best. At 12h Antarctica, I have to be sleeping to rest for the next stage, and on top of that I will be able to call home after the ´bells´ to wish them a Happy New year.

By the way: ¡Do not think I'm not having bells, eh! I've got it all planned. I'll hang from the tent ceiling the cover of a cooking pan, and a stick, and I'll do the ringing, one after the other whilst eating the lucky grapes. Actually, instead of grapes I will be using 12 roasted hazelnuts. Honestly, I have been looking to find grapes around here, and I have spent more than 1.000 Km. during 62 days to see if I can get the bloody grapes, but they keep telling me everywhere that they do not have, and that the crop in Antarctica this year hasn't been good.

Anyhow, in this occasion, what they say about ´a fresh start to the new year´ will not apply to me on the first of Jan, but the fourth (I hope), to reach the South Pole. On this day, and after 66 days sleeping on the ice, suffering the cold, making enormous efforts and living in total discomfort, I'll really do think that's going to a fresh start to a new life...

¡Happy new Year to all of you!



All of those out there who think next year is going to be a great year to them, or a good year, or at least, better than the last one. But I'm referring to those who believe it, not because they wish that, but are absolutely decided and committed to taking concrete and resolute actions for that to happen. In the end, what matters are not the desires, the dreams, the thinking or the talking. What matters is what we do.

francesc saldaña
02 January 2012
23:00 H
Albert, com que no hi ha cap "paki" ni cap "xino"??? estas segur??? BON ANY NOU i no t'atragantis amb les avellanes!!!
anna mirabent
01 January 2012
17:51 H
Tan que em fas patir, i tan poc que m'agrada que marxis cada dos per tres, i al final no puc parar d'aplaudir-te.
Bon any 2012!
Josep Mª. Guitart
01 January 2012
17:11 H
Estimat Albert,

Jo també et desitjo un excelent 2012, Molta sort !!!!, arrivis a on arrivis ens has donat una magistral lliço a la capacitat del esser humá, com tú molt be dius, no es tracte de somiar, dir, .... sino de fer i tú ho has fet amb escreix, sen un exmple per tots els demes. Me'n orgollexo de ser el teu amic. Anim i endavant !!!! el mon es dels valents. Josep Mª.
01 January 2012
16:15 H
Feliz año Albert, cada uno lo empieza a su estilo, yo lo he empezado con Carmen que nacio el dia 31 a las 4,05 horas...asi pues cuanado vuelvas la conoceras. Mucho animo y espero que tengas los mejores reyes de tu vida.Abrazos
01 January 2012
16:03 H
Albeeeeert!!! Wow que ya te queda suuuper poco :) Espero que hayas pasado un feliz año nuevo y que a partir de ahora te sea todo mucho mas facil.

Un abrazo gigaaaaaante
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