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From 25 October 2011 to 15 January 2012
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01 January 2012

Hours of journey: 10h30 - Accumulative: 436h30'
Km./Day: 27,4 - Accumulative: 1.036,5Km. Remaining to the South Pole: 119,7Km.
Days of progress: 48 (44 Solo) - Inactive days: 15 (0 Solo) - Total Days: 63
Position: S 89º 02,331' - W 082º 53,899'

Today's stage brings not much of a story. Thankfully, it has not been very cold and windy, and I have been able to enjoy the last day of the year without much suffering. It's been a bit tough at physical level, despite not being steep at all, you could feel the inclination, and the fact of the wind of previous days, has created constant snow accumulations that slows my sledge down.

All in all, I've been able to cover 27,4 Km. And I crossed Latitude 89. So, New Year's Eve is going to be within the last degree of the earth's southern hemisphere, and much motivated because next direct focus is on the South Pole. Weather or visibility conditions allowing, I should be at the Pole by Wednesday afternoon/evening. Amazing, huh? I'll still make it!

As I told you yesterday, I did the bell ringing inside the tent at home time, having been able to talk to my wife and my brothers after all the celebrations.

Of course, I toasted with a Estrella DAMM; to all of you from this very special place, have a magnificent year!

Although I have been invited to some parties, I have decided not to have a night out, and I'll be off to bed very soon, tomorrow then I'll be able to have an early wake up and go skiing...of course, being the first day of the year, and early morning I will not find anybody in the piste here.

I've gone through some New years in strange place during my life, but never in such a special place like this one, and being on my own. If it wasn't for the pain for not being able to be with my family these days, I would say I've had a great, phenomenal, Intense and unforgettable end of the year. But I have one thing clear, and that's next end of the year I'll be with my people, whatever happens!!!

Wishing you a good start of the year... I will do exactly the same I have been doing for the last 44 days, but with a renewed motivation and energy to see I'm at the very final stage of the challenge.


My uncle Pere. Because he had a very bad end of the year at health level, and still is recovering of a major problem.

He is a vitalist person, strong and unfamiliar with illnesses, and for this reason it must be harder on him. In any case, as he is also a very positive man and a vitalist, surely will overcome all those problems soon, and will be back to an intense and active life as he always did have.

Uncle: I know you are also on your particular Antarctica traverse and are through a horrible time. But it will go soon, and in short space of time we will see you riding your bike again and burning Kilometers as a mad man. I'm sorry your thing caught me during my long absence with the expedition, but I'm back soon at I know you'll be much better. And I take this opportunity to ask you out on our bikes as soon as you can (I'll find one) and a good meal in a place surrounded by curves and bends, I'll pay! A big hug and lots of courage I.

Paco Martín
04 January 2012
09:03 H
Feliz año!!.
el reto ya está casi hecho!!. Eres un crack!!.
Nani Roma quedó primero ayer, en la 3º etapa del Dakar. creo que es 4º en la general.
piensa el calor que deben estar pasando en el Dakar, con dunas y dunas, el estrés de la crono, de la navegación, cámaras, muchedumbre, etc...Y tu ahí: fresquito, a tu ritmo, sin presiones y a punto de llegar a meta. Seguro que Nani en éstos momentos te envidia...
Un abrazote,

04 January 2012
03:53 H
Felis año guerrero antartico los tres reyes os marcaran el camino hacia la cruz del sur un abrazo. Nelson
03 January 2012
12:26 H
Comença a disfrutar del present, perque d'aqui a molt poc ja no serà més que un record. Molt gloriós, i tothom t'en voldrà sentir parlar, però passat.
Viu intensament i assimila el 100% d'aquest grau que et manca.
Antoni Buira
03 January 2012
11:02 H
De nou, ànims que ja ho tens a tocar. I ànims també al Tiet Pere.
02 January 2012
15:48 H

not long to go now mate, keep going and good luck for the last part...

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