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From 25 October 2011 to 15 January 2012
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02 January 2012

Hours of Journey: 10h30 - Accumulative: 447h
Km./Day: 26,5 - Accumulative: 1.063 Km. Remaining to the South Pole: 93,2Km.
Days of progress: 49 (45 Solo) - Inactive days: 15 (0 Solo) - Total Days: 64
Position: S 89º 16,640´- W 083º 26,415

I'm getting closer, but it's getting harder to keep going. It took me 10 hours and a half to make 26.5 Km., and with that, at least I advanced a quarter of a degree to stay on target for Wednesday 4th.

The day is not too windy, sunny and nice. The skies became grey by the end of the afternoon and the wind came out again, so at the moment of putting the tent up, I got frozen. But the fact that it's hard to do kilometers, it's only because of the terrain surface, which is flat and hard, and there are plenty of snow packed areas brought by the wind, which makes the sledge go slower, and also because I am tired, and I'm not feeling full of energy, it's hard to make efforts to speed things up.

If I look the latitude minutes that I've done yesterday and today, I think I am ok to arrive on Wednesday 4th, because each day I have done 15 more minutes, and with the 15 I have for the next three, I should be able to make it. And yes, I look at it by kilometers, and that way it should work because I would have to cover 30 by day, and by the way I feel, I don't think I would be able to give a big shot one day because I don't feel like doing extra efforts. I'd rather look at the minutes of latitude I am going forward and think positively... but I do not discard to make one more day and arrive to my goal on Thursday.

Now, this last part is becoming long and hard, and if I have to jump to January 5th it would not be so bad, but it wouldn't make me feel better.

But let's take a look at the positive side. I have started the year in the best way. First thing I did this morning after breakfast was to go to the toilet in a bag for the first time in the expedition. Remember that ... for those that are here, we compromise ourselves to defecate in bags and take them back to the base while we are in this last latitude degree. Well, I made a piece of art worth of an artist and I have it on the sledge, well frozen. Tomorrow I will make another piece to go with it, so it does not fell so alone, and I will keep doing like that until I reach the South Pole.

You might think there is nothing less comfortable in the world than doing your vital necessities trying in a bag while you are freezing with the cold temperatures and the wind, right? Well, you are absolutely right. What happens is that we learn to take it with some philosophy and try to find the positive part in the symbolism of what this represents, which means, I am very close to the prime meridian! 64 days ago we were at Union Glacier Base and they provided us with the bags, and I thought I was going to be happy the day I would start to use them, because it would mean that I would had crossed the 89 degree. And that happened this morning at 7.45 a.m. happy new year that starts giving me great news in a "special" way!



Today I rather not dedicate the day to anyone, and with the picture I put on it could make someone angry or uncomfortable or create misunderstanding. Or maybe dedicate it to Millet, Camps, Urdangarín and all these people, that taking advantage of their positions increases their assets and do all kind of frauds using other people's money... To them... I would send a bag of these (that you know now) as a gift...

francesc saldaña
03 January 2012
11:57 H
Albert... que bonic t'ha quedat!!! li he fet una ampliació i el tinc penjat a l'habitació!!! espero que no comencis a parlar amb el teu "ninotet". Per cert aixó d'anar "plantant pins" pot ser una bona opció per trobar el camí de tornada... escribim un conte??? ;) ;) una abraçada ben forta CAMPEON!!!!
john Diplock
03 January 2012
11:08 H
Nearly there Albert, wishing you all the best for meeting this challenge. john
Josep Vilalta
03 January 2012
10:20 H
Albert, la Maribel i jo et desitgem un bon any i que aviat acabis aquesta nova bogeria.Ens veurem al Cap sa sal aviat.......
Los Waterhouses
03 January 2012
02:03 H
Hi Abominable snowman of Antarctica! What a nice trophy to be able to welcome in the new year with !
Happy new year from the warm beaches of Australia. Hopefully only another couple of days of walking and you can begin your next adventure towards home and familia ! We are all here following your final steps and once you get there we will go off for a holiday in Bali because this has been exhausting !!!!!! un Abrazo Anthony, Claudia, Anika & Oliver
Pep Segalés
03 January 2012
01:53 H
Hola Albert!!
Hosti, tu. No sé pas que dir, ara, després de tot el què t'han dit. I si la cago?
Una abraçada!!
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