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From 25 October 2011 to 15 January 2012
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03 January 2012
DAY 65: WHY?...

Hours of journey: 11h - Accumulative: 458h'
Km./Day: 25,6 - Accumulative: 1.088,6Km. Remaining to the South Pole: 67,6Km.
Days of progress: 50 (46 Solo) - Inactive Days: 15 (0 Solo) - Total Days: 65
Position: S 89º 30,682' - W 084º 24,970'

In a very cold day (between -20 i -28ºC), but with practically no wind, and with very good visibility, one could have made a good journey; but the truth is I'm very slow. I said it yesterday, the terrain is flat, but it's constantly uphill, not much though, and it combines a hard surface with snow banks carried by the wind, and every step is a nightmare.

I've only covered 25,6Km., but 11 hours. I cannot reach more speed as I'm mentally unable to give more power, the body does not respond as its going at the edge of its possibilities, but at least I can control the resistance, and at less pace, more hours to cover the minimum distance I require to be at the South Pole on Wednesday.

In fact, I'm a bit confused; as I look at the remaining Km. According to the GPS (67,6), I see very difficult to do them in two days at the pace I am doing. But if I look at the degrees covered over the last days, and where I am, which is exactly in the middle of parallels 89 and 90, then I see It feasible. So, I'll wait to tomorrow's stage (day 3), and looking back at how it's going, I'll decide to have two quieter journeys, or do it on the fourth , in one go, no matter how much time it takes me.


Surely a lot of people must be asking themselves why do I do these things, this adventures...Maybe there are some that do not understand it, others may think they know already, and some do look at the facts, and not bother about the why. ... But It's been a few days now I have been thinking , now I'm getting closer to the end, and at risk to bore you to death, I think It's worth it to tell you why I do this.

In extreme projects of this kind, there's always the topics of self-improvement, tenacity, perseverance, ambition, crisis management, key decision making, etc... but these elements are not sold in a street shop, nor I think they are talent we are born with, and it is not exclusive from a specific type of people. All these factors are at everyone's hand, but they all depend in a great deal of another key element which is the one who activates all: motivation.

04 January 2012
23:32 H
Quan s'aprèn de les teves experiencies i les teves reflexions.

Segueix amb els teus reptes que valen molt pels que et seguim d'aprop.

Salut i enhorabona per aquest nou repte conseguit amb molt d'esforç fisic i mental, segur que més d'aixó que de Power Bar.
Justo Beltrán
04 January 2012
17:08 H
Albert te buscaba en la clasificación del Dakar y te encuentro en el Polo Sur ... Increible, eso si que es una horquilla térmica: de los cuarentaitanos de Sables a los cuarentaitanos negativos de la Antártida y encima con tantas adversidades. Pero las has superado todas.Hace falta mucha ilusión, determinación y constancia para hacer todo lo que tu haces. Eres grande!! Mucho animo y ENHORABUENA !!!.
04 January 2012
12:03 H
Valia la pena escriure aquesta reflexió!
04 January 2012
08:23 H
Hola Campeon!
Si piensas arancar te los calzoncillos como en la etapa larga d'el Jungle, NO LOS TIRES, me los quedare como trofeo. Eres mi idolo!
Venga que poco te queda. Un abrazo. Cyrus.
Pep Segalés
04 January 2012
02:21 H
Yeeeepp!!! En Salumotu et saluda!!

Tant 'porqué', m'hi falta en Mourinho, aquí!!

Bueno, Albert. Això sembla que arribarà un dia d'aquests.
No cal que corris, que el Dakar ja ha començat i te'l perdràs igual.
Quan clavis la senyera al Pol Sud, fes-ho per tots aquests que no ho hem pogut fer però que t'hem anat seguint i donant ànims des d'aquesta pàgina. Els 'frustrats' t'ho agraïrem!

Una abraçada, amic! T'esperem a l'Aeroport!
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