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From 25 October 2011 to 15 January 2012
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04 January 2012

Hours of journey: 11h - Accumulative: 469h'
Km./Day: 32,1 - Accumulative: 1.120,7 Km. Remaining to the South Pole: 35,5 Km.
Days of progress: 51 (47 Solo) - Days of progress: 15 (0 Solo) - Total Days: 66
Position: S 89º 45,362 '- W 080º 32.439

It has been a day of great weather: Sunshine, bit warm (between -8 and -17ºC ), and no wind whatsoever. I've decided that today's strategy would be go flat out. I would mean to give the best I can during 11 hours of march, within my own possibilities, as I am already short of them and with almost no energy left. Then, if within that time I could do more than 30 Km., tomorrow I would reach the South Pole at once. If I were to do between 27 and 30, I would think about it. And If I was to do less than 27, I would do it in two days. Fortunately, the result has been very positive to my interests and I have reached the 32 Km. I'm totally exhausted, but It has been of great motivation, and now, Let's see If I can move tomorrow and complete the 35,5 Km remaining to the South Pole.

Estimating an average of the steps every meter, I must have done until now about 2.240.000 steps since I left the coast.. and I still have about 71.000 left. So, even suffering each Km. one by one, I want to also enjoy to the full each one of the. And each step I will be doing tomorrow I will dedicate them to all of you, who have been following me, cheering e up, and providing me with energy through this site. I'll step on it, with strength, happiness and emotion ... and if you look carefully and concentrate, you may feel it...

Today I'll stop going on and on, as I have battery problems, and I'm in a hurry, as I want to be an early bird to try to be in a few hours at the South Pole, as there is also a plane that leaves at 17h to go to Union Glacier Base, and if I´ m not on that plane, the next one will be on the 7th. I'm not quite sure If I'll get there on tie, but to make it more exciting, I'll try to be there on time...

In any case, be the hour it may be, being on that plane or not, what's clear is that if I don't suffer a major blow after 67 days since it all began, 52 days walking in total, and 48 alone, tomorrow will be a great day because at last, I'll reach the final objective.

I trust the next post will be with the South Pole picture.

Once again, many thanks to all of you for sharing this adventure with me and to have provided me with so much energy during the entire expedition


It is not because of advertising, which is fine to me, but also because I am very please with their products. It's been a long time since I have been using them, but this time they have been key to my success, specially during this last part of the traverse. I've been really low on energy levels having advanced nonstop after 47 days, again, a key element of my success, performance and recovery.

I thank POWER BAR for having trusted me, and I congratulate them for having such good products, of great quality and better taste.


05 January 2012
00:51 H
Albert te anat seguint en silenci , llegint diariament el blog i estic impresionada de la teva força mental i fisica .... Felicitats !!
Tus charlas se hacen aun mas creibles con lo que acabas de demostrate a ti mismo ...eres un tio grande !
Ahora a descansar y a disfrutar de los tuyos , campeón !
05 January 2012
00:35 H
que emocion!!
Muchas Felicitaciones
es una mezcla de muchas sensaciones para los que te seguimos dia a dia, se van a extrañar los relatos matutinos
para soñar hay que ser valiente y creo que lo demostraste ampliamente
aprendí, me inspiré, aveces sufrí un poco con tus relatos, me reí por tu espontaneidad y me emocionaron algunos de tus dedicatorias
gracias por regalar alas en estos 2 meses!
05 January 2012
00:22 H
Felicitats catacrac!!!!!
05 January 2012
00:21 H
Felicitats ,ara tanca el conjelado y vacasions al Sol
05 January 2012
00:17 H
OLÉ I OLÉ ja has arribaaaaaattt!!moltissimes felicitats Albert,ha valgut la pena patir!..

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