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From 25 October 2011 to 15 January 2012
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05 January 2012


Hours of Journey: 11h - Accumulative: 480h'
Km./Day: 34,5 - Accumulative: 1.155,2Km. Remaining to the South Pole: 0 Km.
Days of progress: 52 (48 Solo) - Inactive Days: 15 (0 Solo) - Total Days: 67
Position: S 90º 00,000'

Today, at 14h50' I have reached the South Pole after 67 days of expedition, from which, 15 were lost in the tent, 4 were shared with Carles and the other 48 have been on my own without any day lost.

At 17h30, with some delay, a plane has landed to take some material from the South Pole to Union Glacier; and at 18h30 we were taking off. It has given me enough time to visit the Pole, take the usual photographs, to breathe that frozen, special and symbolic air that exists there and to be able to be sat in a chair and have a proper meal at Union Glacier. On top of that, with a great deal of luck, it was worth it to sleep only a couple of hours to be on that flight, as the following pick up would have been this coming Saturday, 7th of January. And then the Ilushion plane that was taking me to Punta Arenas, would have flown on the 12th... Instead, tomorrow, fortunately, there's a one available to Punta Arenas, weather allowing, and I will be able to sleep in a hotel in Chile... and I expect to be in Barcelona by Sunday or Monday. I've gone slow as a turtle during the expedition, but I have the felling I'll break a historic record of going from the South Pole to Barcelona.

In all, it has been 1.124Km. covered on my own and 31 with Carles; which officially cannot be considered as a solo expedition, but you can to a 97,5%. In fact, it seems to me that there's only one way to cross the Antarctica solo... and this one is to do it solo without having it planned.

Planning, mental preparation and execution in general are completely different.

Be as It may, I have become the first Catalan that completes the Antarctica traverse, from the coast to the South Pole, and the first Spaniard to do it in unsupported and self sufficient.

I have never done anything where I was so physically lonely, but in all honesty, I have been very well accompanied, supported and cheered by so many people. For that reason, and in capital letters I say that WE HAVE MADE IT, and that's why the chronicle title, with a big hug to all of you.

We have made it, with my family, my wife Maria, the centre of my life, at the forefront, and the basic support of my children, my mother, my brothers. Family: Many thanks.

We have made it, with the project team who has been working for over a year in order for this to happen. To all the team: Many thanks.

We have made it with Carles, who I planned this challenge together with, and with whom I started it, despite having some unexpected problems and being rescued after 19 days and 31 Km. covered. Carles: Many thanks, and it's a great pity that we are not here today, together in the South Pole.

We have made it with all the web visitors and followers, who have given a special sense to this project, through their messages which have constantly motivated me with an incredible energy. To all of them: Many thanks. As promised, I will answer to everybody who has left a message, but do please bear in mind it will take some time, for obvious reasons.. I would like to encourage you though, to still keep an eye on this blog, as there are plenty of things to talk about this challenge. And you will also be able to follow me on which I normally update a couple of times a week, always talking about the adventure of life, and more specifically within the entrepreneurial and sports challenge world.

We have made it with all the sponsors who put their trust in this project and provided us with their support and commitment, both economic or technical, both key to make it possible. To all the sponsors: Many thanks.

May I finish with a sentence from Marcel Proust which it's been in mind during the last expedition km., when I could finally see the South Pole: "The real act of discovery consists not in seeking new lands out, but learning to see the old lands we know with new eyes". If from this adventure, aside of my own personal enjoyment, aside of having shared this project with plenty of people, aside of having navigated deep inside of myself, and after having learned and developed plenty of concepts, only remains a bit of understanding, love and respect towards our planet, I would already be very pleased with the project it.

See you very soon to those I am going to see them face to face, and see you very soon, to those that we keep in contact by mail o through the web.

Luis López
18 January 2012
12:31 H
Me gustaria saber que vieron allá,si llegaron a la base subterranea que existe de los Nazis,si vieron sus naves llamadas ovnis,etc... Donde se puede ver todo lo que filmaron?
tomeu Roquet
11 January 2012
20:35 H
El primer felicitar-te, dir-te que amb tota seguretat ets un SUPER-HOME i el mes important, segur que una grandíssima PERSONA.
09 January 2012
06:07 H
felicidades, a seguir viendo las tierras conocidas con mirada fresca, saludos desde Perú
Jaume Roqué
07 January 2012
23:36 H
Moltíssimes felicitats Albert ets el millor, amb tu hom s'adona, a cada moment, que voler es poder i que el repte perd sentit quan la ilusió t'empeny. La més enhorabona!!!!!!!!
07 January 2012
20:38 H
He seguit dia a dia les teves peripècies i és una mica com si jo mateixa hagués arribat! Només puc dir gràcies.. sobretot per les teves reflexions que al menys a mi m'ajuden a marcar directrius sobre com voldria ser.. més valenta, més perseverant amb lo que vull, més fort.. Gràcies!
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