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07 January 2012
1st.Burguer post Expedition
This has been done. It was an intense adventure in every sense. But now I'm back in civilization (Punta Arenas - Chile), and on Monday at 10h40 I arrive in Barcelona (More info: [email protected]).

The successful completion of every major challenge consists of a strange mixture of joy and sadness.

Joy for having reached the target, having passed the danger, the extreme effort and discomfort. Joy for being back to comfortable and safe life, and surrounded by family and friends. Joy for learning and to consolidate the results of the work already done. Joy because one is aware of how important will be for him the experience lived.

But sad to leave behind a unique environment and a situation or way of life radically pure and away from the habits of our society. Sadness because all the excitement and energy put into a project, now are only memories and stops being a motor for moving towards a goal, which now is already achieved.

One of the great efforts that we humans always should do, is exploiting and living the present moment. This does not means that we do not have to remember with love and desire to learn the past, nor fail to plan and work for the future, but always being very present and being very conscious in real time we are living. Too often occur that when we are in a site (for example in normal life), we want to be in another (ex: doing an adventure like the Antarctic), whereas when we are in the other (but living a hard time but very intense time in the adventure, for example), we just want to return to the previous location (home, or to normal life). Believe me when I insist that developing this skill should be a great challenge for us all.

Anyway, yesterday when I connected my Blackberry (I'm not in iPhone yet, sorry), I got the feeling of being plugged back to 'Matrix'. But I am naturally very excited to go back home, and not only to reconnect with family and friends, but also to enjoy the best of my normal life, hoping to have evolved a bit more as a person and thus see the two worlds or two spaces can coexist and merge into oneself to the end, try to be happy whatever the situation or the time you are living.

One of the things that I will unavoidably miss, is your contact and constant energy, after being sharing the experience of this Antarctic adventure for so long time. I hope that either through this website, or through some other means, we can continue connected in some way.

Meanwhile, I'll throw myself to the more radical 'greed', and I think swell to eat a lot of everything, though I die of stomach pain ... I have to recover the 15kg. I've lost, and incidentally make an obsession that I constantly had during long hours of walking alone during the voyage: Eat, eat and eat! I advise friends and relatives to not even think about inviting me to lunch or dinner at a restaurant for a while, if you do not want to risk ruining.

With Beer at the end of the expedition
Shaved post epedition
Hector Monterrey
18 January 2014
07:28 H
Gracias por inspirarme en momentos de intenso conflicto en todos los sentidos de mi vida.
Felicidades por ser tan autÚntico en tus convicciones de vida.
Un abrazo
15 January 2012
00:11 H
Enhorabona Albert per aquesta gesta !!!!
Ara, a reposar, engreixar-te i a preparar la propera!!

Ua abrašada,
14 January 2012
22:01 H
Vinga, Ónim que tu pots !!!

Benvingut a la crua realitat de la quotidianitat en aquesta avorrida vida dels catalans de a peu.

Fins la propera.
Salut i forša.
12 January 2012
20:10 H
Hola Albert!
Moltes felicitats per una aventura tan inspiradora!
Miquel. T
11 January 2012
18:47 H
Senzillament sensacional. Felicitats!!
Has aconseguit que cada dia em connectes al fabulˇs mon de la tecnologia o sigui "Internet"
Espero felicitar-te personament molt aviat
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