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From 25 October 2011 to 15 January 2012
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14 January 2012
Speaking to Media at the Airport

I has been a crazy week. I've gone from extreme and absolute loneliness, to integrate myself into the society, making a bath of crowds at all levels. Family, friends, media, work.... All at the same time and in a very intense way.

Few days ago I was featuring all the time I wanted, being the only one who managed it, and without any pressure from anyone, and now I have a radical agenda absolutely saturated, without having time even to read mails or answer phone calls, and grazing near that concept which was totally parked for me in Antarctica, which we call 'stress'.

A busy but very interesting week. But fortunately, this has been for very positive reasons, because the goal achieved had an enormous impact on all levels.

During this week I have been about 10 times on television, I've been on various TV news both Catalan and around Spain, there have benn published articles and interviews in a pile of newspapers in all the country, I have spoken at major radio stations in the Spain, I have received all comments by mail, the website or by phone, and so on. Even the President of the Catalan Government congratulated me, and he will make an official reception for me on Tuesday day 17.

I can not be more grateful for having received so many compliments and public recognition. But what it has make me more happy, more than the amount of support received and media coverage, is that almost at all levels, they have placed more emphasis on values, attitudes, and the fruit of the efforts, over the purely sporting challenge or endurance of the Antarctic voyage. I believe that part of the success of this project has been because there is many people who think to be clear about certain behaviors and attitudes in life is critical to advancing on our projects and to evolve and improve as individuals and as a society. And I'm proud that my small contribution through this adventure, has been reflected or has served as an example in this whole approach.

17 January 2012
20:43 H
Es impresionant, jo em congelaria ho has fet molt bé
manuel prieto
17 January 2012
17:26 H
Ha sido emocionante leerte día a día, no era como un libro bueno que puedes avanzar y leer a tu gusto, sino que había que esperar 24 horas para poder seguir leyendo y sobre todo aprendiendo.
Es normal que se valore sobre todo cómo lo has conseguido ( valores, actitudes, conceptos claros,esfuerzo, compromiso,psicología...) porque lo brillante ha sido cómo y lo demás sobra. Bueno esa es mi humilde opinión...

Pero reitero, para mí y para muchos de los que te hemos seguido lo bueno ha sido el aprendizaje experimentado a partir de tus relatos enviados. Un abrazo desde Extremadura
Miquel Traus
17 January 2012
10:02 H
Sembla que la teva heroïcitat ha creat escola. Encara que a una escala diferent, mireu què he trobat per Internet:
17 January 2012
06:54 H
Una bona tasca prèvia i ara el reconeixement merescut.
La part més reflexiva del teu viatge és la que vull aprofitar a tutoria a la meva escola. Felicitacions!
16 January 2012
21:04 H
Enhorabuena, es tan increible lo que has hecho. Y tan bueno leer la forma que tienes de ver las cosas. Ahora llega ese estrés que tan bien conoces y del que escapas (cada vez más lejos).
Un abrazo desde Suiza
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