From 04 January to 17 January 2015
18 November 2014

For the first time ever, someone will face the toughest motor race in the world without a single liter of fuel in the car, and without emitting CO2.

A major challenge that beyond the sport challenge is a project of innovation, environmental sustainability and responsible leadership into the future.

I have done the Dakar Rally 8 times and I love it, but my evolution in consciousness and environmental commitment has moved me away from it, and I could only go back there in a truly innovation and sustainability project.  Many time ago I dreamed to participate with an electric car, something never done one before, and where the aim is not so much the race itself, but use it as a means to disseminate values of respect and commitment to a more sustainable future.

We have many dreams. Sometimes we get to struggle to achieve one. And sometimes we get it. This is for me one of these very rare moments in life that one of your dreams comes true.

But there have been two years of hard work, a lot of tension, high uncertainty, and being able to develop an extremely complex project in all its aspects: Sport side, technological, economic, communication and people management.

I assure you that there is a high risk of failure, many people will criticize us, many will say it's impossible, and we do not have everything under control. I guess if one of the above ingredients would be missing, it would mean that we are not really doing something new and different.  But that's what motivates us: We are not going to repeat or improve what some others have already done before; we want to do something that has never been done, and do it through a sporting adventure with very clear purpose and values.

And everything has been possible because we have found a great company that has entrusted us. ACCIONA has accepted the challenge convinced that it fits a lot with their sustainability values and attitude of working to make a better world from everyday work and innovation really focused to the people.

You can follow the development of this project both on this website and in the official project site.

04 January 2015
21:50 H
Hola Albert. No deixaras mai de sorpendrens.molte sort i una. Forta. Abracada. marta
joan carles garcia
16 December 2014
23:44 H
Albert m'he quedat flipat!, .. ets un tio gran i només persones com tú son capaços de canviar el mon..:"
molta sort en la nova aventura !!, ..

"...Cleaner vehicle technologies help everyone breathe easier, cut down greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our dependence on oil..."

*World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA) 2014]
Luis LLama
23 November 2014
12:18 H
buena suerte Albert, no me conoces, tu madre me ha hablado de tu proyecto y me parece fantástico. Lo dicho SUERTE
Pere Bonet
23 November 2014
01:38 H
Albert !!!! molt be..una altre aventura sorprenent, en una combinació màgica sport-energia.
Sortirà be. Segur ho tens tot ven lligat.
I a sobre una bona tesis doctoral de marketing, se n'ha començat a parlar força temps abans de qualsevol altre.
Molta Sort Mestre
Daniel Olmos
21 November 2014
11:19 H
ACCIONA Ingeniería - Sucursal Bolivia os estará esperando
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