From 04 January to 17 January 2015
04 January 2015

A new edition of the most famous, longest and most difficult rally in the world, the Dakar, is about to begin. In 2015 it will reach its 37th edition in the territories of Argentina, Bolivia and Chile.

The Dakar will start today, 4thJanuary, from Buenos Aires, scene of both the departure and arrival points since, after thirteen stages and a circuit of more than nine thousand kilometres, the rally returns to the port city on 17th January. It will combine stages of rocky track with desert dunes, and long days with extreme sprints. In addition, this year will include some stages with routes which are different for motorbikes and cars.

We have embarked on a very special adventure with the project Acciona Dakar 100% Ecopowered, which, in addition to the sporting challenge ahead, aims to promote some very powerful concepts with regards to our responsibility to nature and climate change, and will serve as an example to show that doing things differently also implies doing them better.

Of the 665 participantstaking part in this edition of the Dakar (comprised of cars, motorbikes, quads and trucks), we, without a shadow of a doubt, have the lowest probability of finishing the rally.When it comes to the most difficult engine test in the world, this claim can'tpossiblyleave one feeling indifferent.

I have taken part in 8 editions of the Dakar, and I can assure you that the fame of this extreme rally is more than warranted.  Every team has to face a tremendously difficult route, full of obstacles, dunes, terrible weather conditions, mechanical breakdowns, and extreme physical and emotional fatigue.  But in our case, due to the youth of the prototype vehicle we have constructed, and the 100% electrical technology used which has never previously tested under these conditions, the challenge presented by this accumulation of obstacles is increased by the power of three. As a result, the real probabilities of finishing the rally are dramatically reduced.

All competitors will have to give 100% in order to pass the test; but for us, this 100% represents only half of battle.  We have taken on a far more ambitious challenge, and only by giving 150% can we have any opportunity of finishing.

We have the weakest car, we have the most complicated logistics (regarding the autonomy of the batteries and frequency of their replacement), and we have wealth of doubts and uncertainties before us. However, we have a secret weapon at our disposal, which will provide us with a great deal of additional strength to strive for the final objective: apart from our capabilities and our attitude, we have a purpose!

Follow the adventure through the posts that my team and I will be publishing throughout the race and on the website of AccionaDakar.

Rafel Galán
04 January 2015
01:26 H
El reconeixemen de "Finicher" ja el teniu assegurat, el proposar un projecte com aquest, trovar patrocini i sobre tot portar-lo fins a la línea de sortida, es molt mès del qué faran alguns dels teórics guanyadors de les diverses categoríes, per lo que, JA SOU GUANYADORS.
Les febleses es sol.lucionen sobre la marxa, les incertesses es gestionen i el resultat ja el teniu adjudicat, un 10 en sostenibilitat.
Una abraçada,
Rafel i Anna.
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