From 04 January to 17 January 2015
03 January 2015

We have already passed the administrative and technical checks and we are formally in the DAKAR RALLY. Today we are doing the official start podium, and on Sunday we have the first stage.

We have widely talked about WHAT we do (First time in history that someone will do the toughest motor race in the world with a car without using fuel), and HOW are we going to do (100% electric car, with 320Km of autonomy 300km, changing batteries every 250 km. in the stage). But like everything in life, the important issue should be WHY we do what we do.

So, I dedicate my first POST in adventure to list the main "Reasons" that motivated me to undertake this project beyond the adventure, personal challenge or sporting side.  Why am I here?:

- Because I believe that sport should exploit its enormous capacity as a values transmitter, beyond its role as spectacle or entertainment.  

- Because through my "7 Summits" project (Climbing the highest mountain on each continent), I made aware that, like the vast majority of humanity, I was just using and enjoying nature, but I was not doing anything to take care of it. Then, during my journey from Antarctica to the South Pole, where it was 48 days completely alone, I committed to link all my future adventures towards environmental sustainability.

- Because in the fight against Climate Change, one of the most important factors is the electrification of society. And electric mobility is one of the main parts in this challenge.

- Because as and Adventurer, I want to go beyond the known limits, taking risks that open the way for great opportunities. So we want to be innovative, and committed to innovation really useful for  the society and the planet. I'm more interested in adventure and innovation that in the pure competition.

- Because I admit that the Dakar Rally is not a sustainable event (like many other routine activities we do in our society), and that our team is not 100% pure and sustainable; but I am convinced that we are at the forefront of commitment to a more sustainable future in the sport in general and specifically in the Dakar. We are here to prove you can do things (and racing) in a more environmentally efficient way, and to provoke a debate about it.

- Because I'm ready to be criticized, to be called crazy or incoherent, or to be seen as a dreamer; but if someone is convinced to do one thing and that has a real value, although it has little chance of success, he has to fight for it.

- Because I would like to be positioned as a "Change Agent", building bridges between those who make things prioritizing their goals over any social or environmental impact, and those who think how things should be in order to have a more sustainable future. The future will be better only if the first group moves closer to the other one.

- Because beyond thinking about our personal live (a basic responsibility for each person), we must devote time and commitment to think how we want our world now and in the future. Everything we do today will have a major effect on future generations.

- Because I would like that apart from Dakar or adventure lovers, they can also follow us in this project those who are interested in issues such as responsible leadership, innovation, environmental sustainability and the future welfare of the planet and humans.

The challenge we are about to start is enormous. It will be very difficult we manage to finish the race. But at least we have some very powerful "REASONS".  We have a purpose that gives us real "Motivation" motivation for this adventure.

The Dakar Rally starts, it will be extremely hard, but we are 200% motivated, and we know that only he laid the first 100% electric vehicle without emissions output, and is a first great success.  Just being at the start line is a great Victory; from now we are going to make history.

Thanks for following and giving us all your essential energy to go ahead in this adventure.
15 January 2015
23:18 H
Es él futuro
05 January 2015
22:44 H
Jordi Mercader
04 January 2015
14:30 H
Hola Albert
Et desitjo molta sort en aquesta nova aventura sostenible que em sembla molt interessant!
Encara que com crec que ja et coneixo una mica, pocas cosas deus haver deixat a la fortuna. Explicans com va.
Tinc interés per exemple com t'ho farás a la etapa marató?

Una abraçada.
Jordi Mercader
04 January 2015
01:18 H
Aunque creo más en la motivación, Suerte en cada uno de vuestros " porque... "
Magnus Helin
03 January 2015
22:40 H
Hi Albert,

I applaud you and your efforts in combining who you are (Adventurer) with what you believe in (fighting climate change). I wish you all the best.

Best regards,
Magnus Helin
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