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05 January 2015
First Stage Completed
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Yesterday was a very emotional day; the AccionaDakar 100% EcoPowered car became the first zero-emissions vehicle in history to complete a stage of the Dakar Rally.

A huge party with thousands and thousands of people lining the streets of Buenos Aires accompanied the departure of the cars.  This energy continued along the route throughout this first stage, including a special stage of 170 kilometres between Buenos Aires and Villa Carlos Paz, which we completed in a time of 2h 27m 30s.

In total, 833 km were covered in good spirits whilst all the while following our purpose: to demonstrate that it's possible to do things (and take part in rallies) in a more efficient way and with less environmental impact, and to spark a debate about the subject.  Yesterday, after the triumph of having completed this stage, we position ourselves on the podium of commitment towards a more sustainable future in the world of motor racing.

In this Dakar, we are leaders in innovation and last-place contenders for competitiveness.  Leaders in innovation because we are doing something which has never been done before (neither conceptually nor technologically); we are icebreakers for a new kind of mobility in the most difficult engine test in the world.  Last-place contenders for competitiveness because we are amongst the lowest ranked in qualifying (130th out of 134). We knew that our car still wasn't sufficiently developed to be in a position to play a good role in the competition.

If we had wanted to be much more competitive and to enjoy the thrill of driving in this test/adventure more, it would have been rather easy. We could have assembled a regular team, prepared a car based on known mechanics and performance, and assured ourselves that it had a level high enough to be able to fight for the position which we aim for in general classification.

However, we believe in the purpose of our project; we are convinced of that. And tomorrow we'll be back on the road to demonstrate it.

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[This post has been composed by the TEAM based on reflections by Albert Bosch and information from the organisation and team of Acciona]

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Joan Gomez
06 January 2015
17:10 H
Adelante Albert con las baterias a tope y si se terminan
Duracel que duran duran duran y duran un
Abrazo Joan Magyver.
Joan Cubi
06 January 2015
14:22 H
Endavant!! tot i que esteu lluitant per acabar la segona etapa , estic segur que tot anirà be i podreu seguir lluitant per aquest gran repte.

Molta força !!
Joan Cubi
06 January 2015
14:20 H
Endavant!! tot i que esteu lluitant per acabar la segona etapa , estic segur que tot anirà be i podreu seguir lluitant per aquest gran repte.

Molta força !!
Manuel Maquieira
05 January 2015
20:37 H
No por mucho madrugar amanece más temprano. Vosotros ahí, ahí, hasta el final. ¡Sí, se, puede!.
05 January 2015
20:23 H
Vamos muchachos todo el apoyo por esta gran aventura y a demostrar que !SE PUEDE !!!vamos a estar esperando al final de cada etapa vuestra llegada ! un gran abrazo !! desde Venado Tuerto Santa Fe Argentina !
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