From 04 January to 17 January 2015
06 January 2015
Second Stage Completed

We have overcome one of the longest and toughest stages of this Dakar.  There were 518 km of special route whose terrain was made completely impassable after passage of the trucks; many of us got caught out by the fesh-fesh.

Today we definitely needed all our emotional and technical resources, and the experience of the entire #AccionaDakar 100% EcoPowered team to finish this second stage.  The strength transmitted by the thousands of Argentinians who accompanied us through the provinces of Cordoba, San Luis and San Juan was also fundamental.

Everything that we have done until now, including the physical and mental preparation, was brought into play today. And we succeeded!

Today was one of those days in which the management of our team was pushed to its limits, especially because we are putting two years' work at stake.

Leading a team at the Dakar is highly complicated.  Bosses who issue orders have no place here.  Almost all of the members of the team are professionals who are skilled in their particular fields, and, in many instances, have an indispensable role.  They are usually highly experienced and battle-hardened, and have such specific and specialised functions that they are also undeniably leaders in their area of expertise and/or at precise and key moments in the project.

In the end, everything is much easier to understand and manage if we change the concept from "Team" to "Group of people", and if we assume that such a group, precisely, consists of the total number of people within it, all of whom have their motivations, their fears, their abilities, their priorities and their degree of commitment to the project.

Today, the AccionaDakar team has picked up another medal - the medal for having overcome the most complicated stage of the most difficult rally in the world whilst driving an electric vehicle.  We have innovated, and we have won.

As said yesterday the media: "the last Spaniards to reach the finish, have made history".

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[This post has been composed by the TEAM based on reflections by Albert Bosch and information from the organisation and team of Acciona]

* Photos courtesy of Jesús Renedo

07 January 2015
15:49 H
No he encontrado información clara sobre si habéis acabado la etapa 2 o no. Muy confuso la verdad. Lo de la descalificación una pena....
Al final de forma oficial, habéis acabado una o dos etapas?
TEAM Albert Bosch
07 January 2015
10:52 H
[TEAM] Desde ayer a la tarde no tenemos noticias directas del equipo. Apenas dispongamos de información, la transmitiremos.
Gracias por los mensajes y el apoyo constante.
Oriol Llena
07 January 2015
10:20 H
UNa forta abraçada el primer cotxe totalmet electric ! Aviat en veurem més en aquesta competició !
07 January 2015
09:43 H
Dirección de carrera los ha descalificado por superar el límite de hora de salida de la 3ª Etapa, una pena. Ánimo y a por el Dakar 2016, todos os esperamos
07 January 2015
09:37 H
en la pagina oficial, figuran como excluidos el 369, alguien tiene información de que pasa??? Un desastre la organización del Dakar. Ellos han tomado la salida de la tercera etapa y en la pagina oficial figuran como excluidos en la segunda????
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