From 04 January to 17 January 2015
10 January 2015
Foto: Jesús Renedo

I'm out of Dakar after working for this project for almost two years.

I finished the race at CP1 of the 3rd stage, after passing the first two (where they more than a third of the cars where fired out of the race), and although we later where removed in stage 2 for having skipped a few GPS points. Making only 2 stages of 13 means having made only 15% of the race, which is the same as saying we have reached 15% of the sports goal.

We have not abandoned for any reason related to the electric car technology. After a problem in the steering pump in stage 2, we suffered some heavy blows beating an extremely complicated area of fesh-fesh, which caused a problem with the system controller, which was damaged to preclude proper operation amid the stage 3.

I have ever before been out of a Dakar, a rally-raid race or any other activity form outside the world of motoring, having completed only 15% of the challenge. In this aspect is definitely my biggest sporting defeat.

But I've always said that this was not about racing ... it was not about sport ... but the Dakar was a means to a higher goal, which was to show that things can always be done otherwise, while enjoy and having a life full of wellness and personal goals, but also more sustainable and committed to a future that is, more than ever, the responsibility of each of us, through all the activities that we carry out daily in our work, business, sports, politics or consumption and private lives.

I'm really happy. Because never before I had done an adventure that would put the whole of human and sporting challenge radically committed to serve this purpose. So this is my greatest personal victory.

I am very happy to have achieved some important achievements for my goals with this project:

- I'm proud because despite the odds of having no sporting success were huge, me and my team had the courage to carry out the project. The worst failure is always not having the courage to pursue your dreams.

- I'm proud because we have made history by placing the first 100% electric car without emissions at the start of the toughest race in the world, making several stages, and showing that this type of vehicle is perfectly capable of participating in the Dakar, even if many issues have to be improved, and there is still existing logistical complexity of making energy refills more often. As this is a real first time, which will be very hard to beat. Only for this I already feel winner.

- I am proud to have prioritized the "why" up to the "what". If I would only want to live the adventure of Dakar, competing and facing extreme stages, enjoying and doing a great exercise of self-development, I would have done another project with a known and powerful Rally-Raid car, existing technologies and normal logistics. But I do not want to do that. I just wanted to return to Dakar with a project really linked to attitudes of commitment to the environment; and it became an electric car, putting innovation in front of competition, values in front of targets,  and general interest in front of personal development.

- I am proud to have been able to do this with ACCIONA, because beyond marketing and business interests, sincerely shares the will to strive for their activities to be sustainable and to promote a more sustainable world.

- And above all, I'm proud because further to having made history, we have made "future", which is much more important. We have opened a path that will facilitate ourselves or others later, to progress in the cleanest and most efficient technologies in motor racing, and have provided an important step to the discussion of how we want things tomorrow . We worked hard, we risked a lot and we have put our image and reputation in this project. But it was not a project to make only a "race" and fill our egos, titles or actions for personal or business marketing. It was a project that reflected a far more ambitious goal: to contribute in small or large measure to the future of the planet (and the whole society) following a better path

In this race the key is to go all day following a Road-Book full of directions. This gives me an easy metaphor to say that the key to a better future for our planet and future generations is to take the right direction and establish good final rhumb. Only doing that we will be ready to win a really essential race; a race in which all of us we going rather poorly qualified and which would have to impose quickly gain positions: the race for a sustainable future.

They call me adventurer for the sum of my experiences in climbing, polar trips, Dakars or other extreme challenges. But no matter how I am called, like it doesn't matter what we are, the work we have or what we do in life. What really matters is how we really use our position or our knowledge. What really matters is the value we bring to the world beyond trying to survive or having a good live ourselves.

I write this from Iquique (Chile), having been left out of Dakar, and I reiterate that I am happy for this sport defeat which, in turn, has led my greatest personal victory in the world of adventure. An adventure at the service of something more important than my own interests. An adventure connected with values and an attitude of commitment to society and the environment.

I do not know who will win the Dakar this year. What I do know is that with the 369 race number, the Acciona Ecopowered, the first car facing the toughest race motor in the world without petrol on board, we all won... we won, you won, the whole society won and especially won the beautiful, delicate and not always well respected planet where we are lucky to live in

Daniel Arce
20 January 2015
00:17 H
Querido Albert!! Desde Córdoba, Argentina, mi más sincera gratitud y admiración. De un brillante proyecto a una próspera realidad. Como admirador de este rally Dakar, y como firme creyente que siempre se pueden hacer las cosas mejor, no sólo en lo deportivo, sino en todos los ámbitos de la vida, espero con fe la próxima edición para verlos en el podio de salida. Tal vez algún día tenga la oprtunidad de conocerte en persona. Al mundo le hace falta mucha gente como tú. Un abrazo grande a través del Atlántico. Que Dios te bendiga.
Edita Olaizola
16 January 2015
10:15 H
¡Bien por Albert! Una gran persona que pone su reputación al servicio de valores. Gran ejemplo para toda la sociedad
David Ponsà
15 January 2015
16:57 H
Albert & equip, un cop més (i ja van no-se-quants :-)) us heu superat i heu demostrat que val la pena apostar per projectes i reptes sostenibles !. De fa uns mesos que estic en una empresa que dissenya i fabrica punts de recàrrega per vehicle elèctric !!. Si m'ho arribes a dir abans, t'instal.lo uns quants carregadors ràpìds DC enmig del recorregut, casumcony !!... ;-). Ànims, campió !!
Pablo Otero
13 January 2015
18:00 H
El reto era, más que nunca, un reto. Parecía imposible desarrollar el vehículo y se hizo. Parecía imposible estar en la salida y se estuvo. Se sortearon las dificultades donde otros vehículos "convencionales" fracasaron. Pero el Dakar no perdona. Es un desgaste de la máquina y de los equipos tremendo. La experiencia de Albert es un acicate. Ahora ya vendrán otros a tratar de repetir la gesta. Y habrá más coches eléctricos en la salida, y un día veremos a un eléctrico ganar esta prueba, y un día lo raro será ver un "gasolina" disputándola. Y entonces volveremos la cabeza y ahí estarán Albert, Agustín y su Ecopowered.
Micah Bayless
12 January 2015
19:44 H
Your hard work is an inspiration - onward to next year!

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