From 12 March to 19 March 2017
So much of the future depends on how we get there
13 March 2017


This is already running ... after months of logistical, technical, communicative and conceptual preparation, today has started the tour to Andalusia in a 100% electric motorcycle.

At the very first hour of the morning we have given a tour around the historical center and special points of interest of the Andalusian capital, accompanied by all the Ecomobility team with 4 motorcycles totally electric. After that we made the official presentation to the local press at the same point of departure, located in the ECOMOBILITY store in Seville, which is the first in Europe dedicated only and exclusively to electric vehicles. At 12 o'clock we have definitely started.

With almost half a day without a driving, the first stage has been very short, having done 140Km, with only one stop to eat and load the bike. The great moment of the stage has been visiting the largest solar thermal plant in Europe, located in Sanlucar la Mayor, which apart from impressing us with its technical characteristics and the enormous capacity for clean energy generation, has symbolized the virtuous circle that we must pursue, By joining the use of electric power (with our bikes), and generating clean and renewable energy.



It is ideal; Is necessary; It is what we aspire to; Is the future we must fight for; But we must understand that the problems of the world can not be solved all at one. We have to attack them in a specific way, in parts, but always with an overview.

Electric vehicles are often accused of being unclean because they generate a lot of waste and emissions in their production, and because they consume electricity generated from fossil fuels.

This is partially true, but the explanation must be clarified and the value of zero emission vehicles should not be devalued.

It is necessary to work with all the effort in the manufacture of the vehicles stores upto the null or minimum generation of residues or emissions (through the criteria of the circular economy); And we must work with all the effort in which the electric generation is totally clean (through the different renewable energies). But we must understand that these are different legs of the same problem, and that the important thing is that each part focuses on finding solutions and apply concrete and efficient actions in a concrete factor.

On the one hand we must encourage the maximization of electric use in all possible areas: transport, industry, etc.

Then we must maximize the generation of renewable energy so that all the electrical uses of society close the circle by consuming clean electricity.

Although it may not seem like it, the first challenge is more difficult than the second. As this depends on the particular users who decide at all times the use and habits of energy consumption. But it is essential to make it possible to aspire to a full circle of clean energy; While other uses based on combustion, will never be clean by much generation of renewable energy that we get.

The second challenge basically depends on governments first, and investors and developers second. A relatively short period of time should be overcome if governments facilitate the issue and provide legal certainty to private investors.

In Spain, for example, in 2015 the annual energy mix was created by 37.1% by renewable energies. Therefore, when charging electricity in an electric vehicle, approximately 60/65% responds to an origin related to fossil combustion, and only 35/40% is really clean.

The Abengoa thermo solar power plant in Sanlucar la Mayor that we have visited today, is a great example of the technology needed to produce all the energy that we need is already within our reach, and that it is only a matter of strategic decision of each state jointly With major investors, the fact that the oil, gas and coal of energy production is replaced in the short term and in a radical way. Its system is relatively simple, since it consists in that hundreds of giant mirrors that are oriented with respect to the sun, reflect the solar light in a specific point of the tower, to heat water that circulates there through pipes, and this generates a vapor of water that works turbines that, in turn, are the generators of the electricity. Andalusia is one of the sunniest regions in Europe, and it would be absurd not to take advantage of this advantage to take advantage of the sun. Plants like Abengoa in Seville, have seen it clear, and generate a total 183Mw, also housing a technology center that develops and tests all existing or new solar technologies.

The total circuit of clean energy in origin and use, is complex and difficult to reach in the very short term massively worldwide, but not trying it is an act of selfishness, cowardice and unconsciousness.

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