From 12 March to 19 March 2017
So much of the future depends on how we get there
16 March 2017
Press conference


Finally a relaxed stage in terms of hours of motorbike (only 75 Kilometers from Malaga to Lucena).  We have travelled early in the morning because at 10am we began a series of events that the press, the town hall and one school organized for the whole day. In the end we finished maybe more tired than if we had done a long stage like the previous days, but the result has been worth it.

Our goal in this route is to do a trip around Andalusia, but our purpose is to be able to use it to raise awareness and spread attitudes around sustainability, renewable energies and the electric vehicle.  Today's work has given full meaning to this crucial point of our Eventure.

At 10am we recorded a program for a television. At 11h we gave a press conference organized by the town hall. At 12h we gave two lectures in the auditorium of the Al-Yussana school, for about 300 children from 8 to 12 years. At 14h we participated in a luncheon organized by the environmental association "Mejorana", which has been attended by 30 people. At 17h we visited the Angel's cave from the hand of the anthropologist Daniel Botella, where a huge hole was discovered where Homo Heidelbergensis (predecessors of Homo Sapiens) threw its waste for thousands of years, between 750,000 and 100,000 years ago (the issue of waste management comes from long ago, isn't it?). At 19h pm we have met with Lucena motards: the Vespa club (one of the largest in Spain), and the Andalucia Raiders Club (organizers of the tour to Andalusia in Motorcycle, with 500 participants in each edition), creating great expectations, and allowing them to try and get excited about our VOLTA motorcycle, and we ended the day with a dinner with representatives of the Lucena City Council.

We thought it would be a quiet day, and the passion of these Lucena's people, left us crushed. We nearly couldn't write in our social media and other small subjects of the minimum daily work. But it was a really intense and interesting subject in order to share the reflections that motivate us to do these projects.

At the end of a day so intense, we decided that the reserve day we had planned for this route, we would take it on Thursday, making a rest stage that allowed us to advance in all the work we have delayed (videos, photos, social media, Post on the web, check motorcycles, etc), and continue with the second part of the trip, which will also be demanding, but promises to give us great moments and images.



Today we have been in contact with prehistoric life (and its waste management for 750,000 years), and with many children as representatives of future generations; and it is a good day to talk on how we want the world to be.

We explained to the children that due to our adventures around the world we have seen deserts, jungles, mountains, polar zones and also underwater sea in all oceans. We have been fortunate to observe the most beautiful places on planet earth, but also the threats they suffer because of the activity of humans. We talked on a fact that has impacted them a lot: Manu taught them some images diving in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, but in the last 30 years 50% of the world's reef disappeared; And Albert explained that he was in the jungle of Borneo a decade ago, and that in the last 30 years 50% of the jungle has disappeared. And then we asked the kids some questions like this:

  • Us: What do you think will happen to the coral of the sea or the forests of the world in the coming 30 years if we keep living like this?
  • Children: They will disappear!
  • Us: Do you want to live in a world where there is no coral, there are almost no jungles and everything is contaminated?
  • Children: We do not want to!
  • Us: "Sapiens" means "wise", but do you think humans using fossil energies and destroying the planet are really wise?
  • Children: No, they are not wise
  • Us: How do you think we should classify a human race that does not care about nature?
  • Children: they are "Homo Stupid"


Today it seems normal that we can not shoot anyone in the street for an argument, but before that was not like this. It seems normal to us that blacks and whites have the same rights, but before that was not like this. It seems normal for us not to smoke in hospitals, schools or public places, but recently it was not like this. And it seems to us normal that we use a super pollutant energy that destroys the environment, causes climate change and radically affects the health of people, but we have to fight so that soon it will not be like this.

The next generations will think we were stupid to use so much oil (and destroy the planet) while they will use only renewable energy and electric transport.

As witnesses of the most beautiful and most threatened parts of this planet, we are aware and denounce the serious problems caused for our lifestyle based on fossil fuels. But as adventurers fighters and optimists, confident in our possibilities and the ability to achieve ambitious goals, we are convinced that things can be changed and that it is worth any effort to make it possible. For that reason we are making the tour to Andalusia in electric motorcycle; For that reason we have given up doing other types of projects that are more exciting, fun or media; for this reason we are insisting and communicating these values ​​and reflections; and for that reason we are convinced that these children that we met yesterday, will have a happy future with a more sustainable lifestyle in every day life.

Press conference
Press conference
Lectures Al-Yussana school
Lectures Al-Yussana school
Lectures Al-Yussana school
Parked in front of the Angel's Cave
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