From 12 March to 19 March 2017
So much of the future depends on how we get there
19 March 2017
Tabernas desert


If there's anyone who says that this is not a real adventure, I challenge him/her to join us for a couple of stages and experience in the first person the tension, patience and exhaustion of having to manage energy to the extreme, driving extremely slow to preserve autonomy, and looking desperately for a plug every 60-80Km in order to be able to charge for two and a half hours.

The Hit of the day has been crossing Tabernas desert, a unique place on the European continent, being considered as it's only truly desert area. With a rainfall that does not reach 250mm, and an average temperature higher than 17ºC, it composes a truly spectacular landscape that we have been able to enjoy, circulating in silence for its tracks with our electric bikes.

But to get into it we had to make sure to take the batteries to the top, and then drive very smoothly in order to not staying there sleeping for the night under the stars. The surprise of the day has been on the way from Guadix to Tabernas, because it is a very sparsely populated area, and with a lot of up hills, and the motorcycles have consumed more than expected.  At one point, Albert's bike, which for some reason always spends more, was already two or three kilometers left from being stopped, and we had a restaurant at 10km. We had a few abandoned houses in sight, and we went there hoping to find some plug... everything was closed, and after a few turns we found a single inhabited house. José was a mason of Almeria who was reforming an old house over there, and he has been amazed with these two geeks who arrived in silence begging for some electricity to reach the restaurant 10Km further. Obviously he has let us plug in and we have dedicated a good talk in which we have learned many things about this region. This is the best part of having to make frequent stops in improvised places; because there you can connect with people and really special situations.

In the desert we have done a lot of take photos videos with the Dron, but then we paid a hard price for it, because we arrived at the destination at 2h30 a.m. after leaving Granada at seven in the morning... 270Km completed in total. We do not do too many kilometers per Day, but we need a lot of hours to be able to move from stage to stage and to visit and document all the points of interest we have planned in this challenge.



Extreme or fussy sport is often confused with the adventure concept. Being endorsed by our trajectory, we think that it has nothing to do with one another. An endurance or extreme sport can be very difficult or very tough, but it has nothing to do with an adventure. A marathon is not an adventure, a triathlon or an Iron Man is not an adventure, an ultramarathon is not an adventure. All these disciplines and their close relatives are very demanding, but basically they depend only on oneself, and the environment or circumstances practically do not influence. An adventure should have two basic concepts beyond our personal capacities (which are a luxury to depend on just each of us): complexity and uncertainty.

The Andalucía Eventure is a relatively modest project. Here we will not beat any world record, nor do any superman feats, nor will it be the most difficult challenge in the universe; but remaining 3 stages to finish, we can assure you that this is a real adventure, since the complexity of managing the whole process (before and during the execution of the route) and constant uncertainty are an essential part of this tour to Andalusia on electric motorcycle.

In addition, apart from cool photos and videos, we will draw many concepts and thoughts of this EVenture, because besides from the challenge of doing this project in a 100% electric motorcycle, this challenge must be useful for us for:

  • Understanding that the romantic, authentic and adventurous journey, exists whenever you look for it.
  • To bring value to the energy as something we take for granted, but that it is a scarce resource and with great impact/cost on human and environmental health if we do not get it and use it cleanly.
  • To show that what is today a romantic and difficult journey, has to become old fashioned in a short time, because it will be already been achieved that practical and sustainable mobility as something normal, replacing the current mobility, which is practical, but also "unsustainable".
  • That having fun and experiencing intense experiences can be on the side of positive impact in the world, and not be a selfish act of obtaining individual pleasure at the expense of the common good.

For that, there we leave you with one more stage of this authentic adventure; a valuable EVenture.

Tabernas desert
Tabernas desert
Tabernas desert
Tabernas desert
Tabernas desert
Tabernas desert
Tabernas desert
Tabernas desert
Tabernas desert
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Improvised Electrolinera
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