From 12 March to 19 March 2017
So much of the future depends on how we get there
22 March 2017
Arrival to Ecomobility


Objective accomplished: we've finished touring around Andalucía with electric motorbikes. During 10 days, we visited all eight provinces of the biggest Spanish region driving 2000k. We spent time in natural reserves, beaches, mountains and deserts. We lived Andalusian culture and traditions. No tailpipe CO2 emissions was produced and we didn't spend money recharging our bikes.

Purpose achieved: we have talked, written, record and express in every possible way the needs of adopting technologies that enable us to move in a sustainable way. We work for improving our own quality of life as a human race, as well as for all animals and species alive in our wonderful planet. We did this adventure in order to become ambassadors for electric vehicles and renewable energy production.

This profound experience goes beyond a fun and touristic trip. We are packed with anecdotes that will be shared during the coming days. Films are being edited and are going to be announced through our social media channels. Nonetheless, we'd like to highlight the following:

  • We took off and finished in Seville from Ecomobility. This is the first car dealer in Europe exclusively selling only electric vehicles. Thanks a bunch to Antonio Gabarro and his team.
  • We were granted with exclusive permits to visit Doñana Natural Reserve, invited by CSIC (Scientific Research National Committee). Thanks a bunch to CSIC, the reserve Director Xim Cerdá and his team.
  • Twice we run out of energy with one of our bikes because we push their batteries to their limit. The first episode took place in Tarifa beach. We were lucky to be ‘rescued' by a German family that is travelling around the world. They let us plug into their huge motor home. We are thankful to the Hoffman family for their help. The second time happened in a small town called Priego (Cordoba Province). We had to sneak into a restaurant parking that was shut down and steal € 0,10c of energy (we confess to our crime although we left a little thank you note). Several times we were close to have flat batteries again but we always found a place to plug. Perhaps saved by those angels overlooking at us, we want to dedicate special thanks to José, Albucena's only inhabitant. In this tiny town, he not only provided us with electricity but also a wonderful and humble dialogue.
  • Every time we stopped we could recharge our motorbikes. Not a single time we were requested to paid for the electricity we used. Perhaps the only exception happened at a restaurant in Tarifa. The owner not only didn't allow us to charge (although we insisted we will pay for whatever cost we'll incur) but we were also treated unfriendly. We thank this person for reminding us the value of living an affable life, helping each other whenever possible. We embrace all other individuals we met that not only helped us with a big smile but also treated us as true EVenturers and ambassadors for sustainability. The best example of all these wonderful encounters happened at ‘Bar Las Torres' in Cañete de las Torres. We shall never forget those two hours we spent there and we are thankful for your invitation to have lunch.
  • We didn't receive much support from the local municipalities, with some valuable exceptions of public individuals committed to sustainable policies. We thank Corboba's environmental counsellor Ms. Amparo Pernichi for receiving us and discussing their local plans related to sustainable mobility. We also thank Lucena's counsellor Mr. Vicente Dalda for organizing our enriching experiences with the kids from Al-Yussana primary school. Special thanks for the school dean Bernardo Palacios.
  • We shared experiences and talks about renewable energy and sustainable mobility with kids (Lucena) and University students in Granada. 
  • In Sevilla, we were invited to stay at the marvellous Hotel Inglaterra. In Granada, our stay was offered by ESADA University and in Lucena Mr. Vicente Dalda was kind enough to host us at this house.
  • Special thanks go to all those journalists both in Spain and abroad who have been following and covering our Andalucia EVenture.
  • Our motorbikes were outstanding. Although they aren't powerful bikes, they are extremely reliable. Electric vehicles show indeed to be trustworthy due to their simple engine mechanics. Our big thanks go to VOLTA Motorbikes and their awesome team for their immense support in this project.
  • To our families, for being always there with us. You are present in our hearts and actions.
  • All projects are well executed due to team work. We were lucky to have a great strategic team (Joan Sabata, Montse Bertran, Mónica Palencia, Raquel de Haro, Juan Carlos Lausin, Marc Barceló and Giuseppe Cavallo) and partners: REVIT (Motorbikes clothes), SENA (Intercoms), HJC (Helmets), OLYMPUS (Cameras), TARANNA (Tour opperator), VOXPOPULI (Marketing & Sustainability concepts) y GM7 Uniformes (Sport clothes)
  • This project is the foundation for other bigger challenges and EVentures. We are currently working in a major enterprise that we hope to disclose soon.


Last but not least, we spent many hours during this trip reflecting about why we are doing this and our drivers to be committed with sustainability taking care of our beautiful planet. That's why we'd like to thank all marine life, plants and natural environments we have been able to witnessed and lived through our many years of adventures.  We are well aware that we humans, are not alone in this beautiful planet. We are just one more link in our fragile ecosystem. Should we wish to feel we are the smartest race in our planet, we better start doing something to protect it seriously.


Thank you for reading us, for following us, for supporting us. We shall continuo linking our adventures to sustainable development.

Albert and Manu

Castle Almodóvar
Castle Almodóvar
Castle Almodóvar
Castle Almodóvar
Arrival to Ecomobility
Arrival to Ecomobility
Arrival to Ecomobility
Albert Bosch Riera
07 April 2017
09:49 H
Moltíssimes gràcies pel seguiment i comentaris Joel, Rafael, Joan, Maria i Anna...
El nostre compromís és fer projectes que ens permetin fer arribar el missatge de la necessitat d'avançar cap a una sostenibilitat integral en general i unes energies netes en concret, d'una manera transvesal i al màxim de gent possible. I l'esport i l'aventura son uns mitjans brutals que no s'utilitzen per això...
24 March 2017
13:23 H
Estic en fase revisió llegint amb calma els vostres escrits sobre la volta. Ja he decidit que faré una sessió amb els meus alumnes de Batxillerat al respecte. Moltes felicitats!
Rafael Galán
23 March 2017
17:26 H
Bé nois aquesta ja s'ha acabat i la pròxima serà ???, no vull ni pensar quina porteu de cap...
Enhorabona per l'objectiu aconseguit i la divulgació de bones practica de futur.
Una abraçada.
Maria Roca
23 March 2017
08:33 H
Enhorabona i felicitats per l'aventura tan gratificant. Fins la propera.
Joan Gomez ( Macgiver )
22 March 2017
20:02 H
i la proxima que sera, moltes gracies per les aventures que feu.

Una abraçada Albert i compayia

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